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Have you done something to your car, if you have one, to make it special?

Asked by Sunny2 (18758points) October 7th, 2012

I have a plain black car, which is hard to find in a parking lot. It now has a nosegay on its little antenna and I can find it much more easily. Perhaps you’ve done something to the engine that makes you like it more ‘yours.’ A paint job? Something else?

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I don’t have a car, but if I did, I’d like to get a van, so I could have some cool painting on it. Like a barbarian woman riding a tiger and fighting a dragon or something. Of course, that’s probably a lot of money, but I would get it done…if I had the proper vehicle and the money for the artwork.

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I don’t know if this makes the car special, but I have two sort of lifelike-looking rubber critters in the back window. One is a green frog that used to be a toy of one of my sons. The other is a green lizard of about the same size that wasn’t there when I took the car into a car wash one time, years ago, and for unknown reasons was there when it came out. So I just left it there. When I recently bought a new car, I installed them like a pair of familiars in the rear window of the new vehicle.

They don’t help me find my car in a parking lot, but their absence does stop me from putting my key in the wrong lock.

I do have personalized plates. Maybe they make the car special.

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I love racing stripes. Almost every car I have ever owned had 2 broad racing stripes or a fat and a skinny on one side. I swear it makes the cars go faster. I also love Thule roof racks, they even make sissy cars look more adventuresome. In Australia you have to have a bullbar and some extra headlights too. Course all the cars here have them so it doesn’t really make your car any easier to find but it definitely makes you cool. A snorkel is good too, sort of like this one.

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Private reg.
Sounds like a lowly soldier, but it’s not.

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I tapped a deer awhile ago, so the ‘H’ on my Honda grill is missing and there’s a little dent in the hood. It gives my car character, lol. I call it a “speed dent”.

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Fluther sticker on the back window.

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I have tinted windows. That’s not really what you’d call special, but it makes the car look different than others.

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It usually is the only one in the parking lot with tool bins and ladders n crap on it. Unless I’m at Home Depot. Then I just have to look for it.

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I have air horns, really good for getting knoticed

iPhone has an app for that, Find My Car. it allows you to mark where you park, go do your thing, then latter pull up the ap again and it will lead you to your car.

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My Tahoe has more antennas on it than a NASA tracking vehicle. It’s easy to find in the parking lot.

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I’ve stuffed one on it’s side. That makes it stand out a bit.

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Nothing on the outside. On the inside, we have stuff bags hanging over the back of the seats for the grandkids.

I personalized the last van I had, because it was my birthday present. I kept a bouquet of flowers in a dashboard vase that I made.

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I have a license plate that is all mine, and only mine O.o

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