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Under what circumstances, would you stop following someone in your Fluther?

Asked by Brian1946 (23395points) October 8th, 2012

Have you ever deleted someone from YouFlu? ;-p
Just to break the ice, I have.

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Yes. Most of the time it’s when I happen to notice that the person hasn’t been around in a long time. They might have joined and last visited on the same day, maybe several years ago. Even if they looked interesting to me at the time, I’m guessing they won’t be back.

Once in a great while, like maybe 3 or 4 times tops, I’ve deleted someone who really ticked me off. But that’s seldom the case because it was never a “friends” list for me. I’ve followed some people I never liked and/or rarely agree with, just because they have interesting things to say.

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Only people who haven’t been on here for a couple years. If someone deleted me, I probably wouldn’t notice. I don’t know who is in my fluther.

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I haven’t been here all that long so I haven’t deleted anyone yet. Someone would have to go pretty far to piss me off that much.

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I don’t pay any attention to it any more.

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In my time here, I’ve stopped following many people since they stopped being active. I can only remember stopping one time due to the user being a complete jerk.

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One person in my fluther passed on. I will never stop following her.

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Way back when there was a much lower limit to how many people you could follow, I removed inactive people to make room for more active people. I can’t recall if I’ve ever removed someone for any other reason, but I don’t think so.

I’d remove someone if they turned out to be a complete ass, probably. I usually don’t add anyone very new, though, so I’d probably realize it before I added them in the first place.

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No never. If they drop out, they are still there in my Fluther. If they get on my nerves, I don’t delete them. Normally, I wouldn’t notice if someone deleted me. I think someone did once but hey, you get that. Can’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

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I remove those who come across as a complete ass after they have charmed me and I get to witness their true internet personality. Partial asses get to stay in my Fluther. I just can’t deal with complete asses.

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@Jeruba stole my answer.

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I’ve only ever added folks who “followed” me first & removing anyone seems massively pathetic, arseholes & assorted others are parked in a place where I hardly pay any attention anyway.

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I don’t really think I’ve added anyone to this Fluther, maybe a few. I have paid very little attention it, I’m not even sure if anyone has added me, let alone removed me.
I have deleted lots of people in the past. Usually inactive users, or people who joined and quit shortly thereafter. I don’t think anyone was removed for negative reasons. I don’t ever remember noticing if someone deleted me, but I don’t think I would care. I really don’t believe that anyone is obligated to have me on their “friend list” anywhere on the internet, and I don’t think others should be terribly concerned with that, either.

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Back when I started I randomly followed a lot of people, then a few months in I thought, oh, it would make more sense to do it differently so I unfollowed everyone, one at a time and then followed a more select number of people.

So now I follow moderators, with the belief that they’ll show up most frequently with useful pointers on best use of Fluther. I follow others that actually caught my interest, based on their questions, their answers or their profile page. And I’ll follow still others because they interact with me.

No offense was intended toward anyone, though a dramatic cooling seemed to occur. Cie la vie.

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Every so often I go through the people I am following and if they have been absent from the site for more than a year then I stop following them. That is the only reason I have stopped following someone so far.

I wouldn’t have a clue if someone removed me from their list!

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I haven’t really been here long enough to warrant adding a stream of flutherfolks to my list. I would not likely use such a list on a regular basis to warrant having to remove people from it in the first place. If push came to shove and I simply have to supply a reason, I’d have to say it would probably be something they said that I really disagree with quite strongly, or they’re just being stupid and I don’t like it, or they are drama queens (who can also be male)...or all of the above.

I may just have to adopt @DaphneT‘s approach, which seems to me to be a pretty good idea.

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No – but now that you mention it… I should.

Hmmmm, herewego:
@90s_Kid = unfollow

wow, that felt pretty good

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@cookieman Oh no, I remember him!

cookieman's avatar

@chyna: He was a character.

:: in Barry White voice ::
‘course I’d nevah unfollow you baybee

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Hahaa…what the heck? Do tell….@cookieman, @chyna, any chance you could elaborate on this character you speak of? I could do with a giggle.

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@Adirondackwannabe Now I’m wondering who passed on. :(

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When someone decides to stop following me first, they’re gone from my fluther very quickly. I would likely never delete somebody because of a different point of view though. I’m not as big on following/having followers as I was to a degree in my past accounts since I feel this affects how strong I can debate certain issues.

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If I thought someone was a fucking douchebag.

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