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A carton of juice is about 1892 liters, milliliters, or kiloliters?

Asked by zicron (117points) October 8th, 2012

This is a math problem on homework.

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In my supermarket there are many sizes of juice cartons, like the three bears. PIck one up at random and read the contents on the side.

Common sense tells me that 1892 liters will probably fill a swimming pool

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How big is a liter? Think it through.

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Thanks guys, LOL , I think it’s milliliters.

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One kiloliter is 264+ gallons. 1892 of those is nearly 500,000 gallons. Hmmm. I wonder if that’s the right answer.

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@zicron Nicely done. I just looked, my juice is in a 1.75 liter container.

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A half-gallon contains 1,892.71 ml. Note that one milliliter (ml) of liquid has a volume of one cubic centimeter (cc). A liter fills a cube 10 centimeters (about 4 inches) per side.

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Sometimes when I have low blood sugar, I fantasize about 1892 liters of juice, but when my blood sugar is normal, I have the critical reasoning powers to know that it would drown me!

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If you’ve grown up in the USA then you have a rough idea of what quart is. A liter is a bit more than a quart; they are rough equivalents.

You know what a 2L bottle of soda looks like, surely?

So you have to ask yourself: 1872 of those measures in a carton? Or 1872 times 1,000 (the “kilo” in kiloliter) of those? or 1872 รท 1,000, which would equal 1.872 of those?

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