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I've got a bunch of empty glass jars. I want to do something creative with them. Any ideas?

Asked by Tank8131 (106points) June 30th, 2007

They're old tomato sauce jars from spaghetti and what not. And some other Jones soda bottles. I thought about busting them all and doing something with the glass...maybe some sort of modern art project small enough for my to hang on my wall or ceiling. It can't be too heavy though because I have a false ceiling.

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Do you have a porch or patio? I've seen luminaries made of glass jars, and they're really easy and can look kind of cool:

Other things I can think of:

* An under-cabinet mounted spice rack (nail the tops to a board, mount the board under a cabinet)
* Salad-dressing mixer
* And, the not-so-sexy and practical, reuse of them for clear storage. I put my dry goods in them and label them (beans, cereal, bulk foods, candy), use them for cotton balls in the bathroom, pen holders, and also for miscellaneous things like beads and screws. Then, I just pop them on a shelf.

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You know, I just re-read your question and probably didn't give you the answer you were looking for . . .

If you're looking for a modern art project, I dunno . . .fill them with strange, themed objects you're interested in (old Pez dispensers? razors? hypodermic needles?) strap 'em together with wire and then hang them, or display them on a mid-century modern piece of furniture?

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collage on them with colored tissue paper, printed words from newsprint, or other small images...then put candles inside and when you light them it will look like stained glass...

or, buy those marbles that are flat on one side--the kind that people put in bowls with bulb flowers or potted plants. If you glue one of those marbles over a small image or a printed word, it magnifies the word/photo in a 3-D way. So if you glue images/words to the jar, and then a clear flat-marble over it, it should look pretty cool. You can make different themes for each glass, and put a few objects that match the theme inside the jar as well as being on the outside of the jar, and mount them on shelves.

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The luminary idea is neat...I don't have a patio or anything but my parents have a huge deck with a pool and bar for parties. There's always room for new light sources. Also, you mention the under-cabinet mounted spice rack....that idea gave birth to a completely different idea of mine that would combine that with the themes object idea. Thanks!

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Take the jars and soda bottles to a crowded street downtown, have them unequally filled with water, take two drum sticks and start hitting the jars in order to create euforic rhythms, tantalizing music and mesmerizing sounds.

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wingsoffire, that was great advice :)

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Christmas lights work well in jars, then if you want some kind of paint on the outside

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The jars would be a great way to organize office/workshop items like nails, screws, paperclips, thumbtacks, etc.

Something else might be to find a great recipe for a salsa or tomato sauce or jelly, add your own special something and fill the jars with it. Then you could make your own interesting label and give them out as gifts for the holidays or just because.

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Break them in the yard and teach yourself to walk broken glass pieces, then, after you master it, join the carnival.


Break the glass. Wrap your hands with rope, dip them in resin, and roll them in the broken glass. Then learn Muy Thai. Practice with your neighbors.

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