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What's the coolest thing you've ever seen made of cardboard?

Asked by Nimis (13260points) October 9th, 2012 from iPhone
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Boats. Boats launched in the swimming pool of a middle school in an annual event called the “Boat Wars.” You’ll see the spectacle described in the first post under this article.

My son and his friend didn’t win, but their blue cardboard boat was one of the last to be eliminated. It was boarded and sunk by a trio of pirates who won the day by dint of sheer ruthless bravado.

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The landing pad for a man jumping out of a helicopter from 2000 feet without a parachute.

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Around me there is something called the Cardboard Classic. Every year one of the radio stations hosts this up in the mountains. The goal is to build the craziest thing you can think of and then race it down the mountain. Most of them fall apart before making it far but you see some really crazy stuff. A couple of my friends one year built a full stage and bar out of cardboard and had a band playing on the stage and serving drinks as the thing went down the mountain. It was pretty insane lol.

Here’s some other pictures from cardboard classic.

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Keanu Reeves?

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I own a set of cardboard harps, a la Waring Harps – great little instruments!

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My computer.

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Maybe this is feeble, but I love those pictures that stand out in a book, in cardboard loll.

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I’m repeating myself here, but these sculptures are really cool.

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A computer desk.

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Barack Obama.

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This was over five years ago, but it was featured on various news segments.

This guy made all the furniture in his apt. from various sizes of Fedex shipping boxes; table, chairs, couch, bed. It was pretty impressive.

He got them free from Fedex. They were not amused. As a matter of fact, they were quite annoyed

But think of all the free publicity for them; Sour grapes corporate jerks.

But I thought it was pretty awesome. Anyone else remember this?

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@Buttonstc I remember that, and i thought the execs at Fedex were being dicks about is also.

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