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Do you love all People/s?

Asked by lloydbird (8725points) October 9th, 2012

If so, what is it that you “love” about us?

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I don’t love all people, but I have an inherent love and compassion for people.

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If by ”love” you mean ”tolerate” and by ”all people” you mean ”the people that don’t annoy me”, sure.

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No, that would make me a long haired hippy & my hair’s never been past my shoulder….....apart from the spring/summer of 84 & only then because I fancied a perm.

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No, some of us “people” are mean and nasty and awful to be around.

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I think this says it all.

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I have agape love for humanity, we’re either all God’s children or none of us are. But don’t bug me or think you can hang around me. Just go somewhere else and be yourself away from me.

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Crikey @zenvelo I haven’t heard the ‘gut love’ word of agape since the early 90s in Religious Ed. Kudos for that one.
I think I do love all people, but some people I just love to hate. Particularly the really nasty sort of people.

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I think there is something to love in every single person that God created on this earth. I try to act accordingly.

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I love people, but I don’t always like them.

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I don’t love every single person individually. Some people are just too cruel and destructive for me to love. However, I do love humans as a whole and appreciate the range of things that we, collectively, as humans are capable of—

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I love some people, but I loathe humanity as a whole.

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Nope. In fact, I can barely stand you at this moment. ~

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I love everyone! We are all Odin’s children.

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Dunbar’s Number suggests that I can’t love more than about 150–200 people like I do my friends and family. That said, I think that I do love people on the whole.

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Of course not, but I do love people that are good natured.

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Love might be a bit strong. I do like the majority of people I meet but as a whole species, I think humans can be less than appealing. For instance, the wars we engage in, the impact we have on other species and on the environment.

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I don’t actually feel that, but no, I don’t love everyone. However there are a lot of cool people that I’m lucky to have as great friends, or at least really kickass acquaintances. of course, the pessimist in me sees the other side of the coin, just as much

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Pessimist! Did you just call me a pessimist @Symbeline! ~

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@Bellatrix Yes. But I always appreciate fellow pessimists. :)

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You’re all so…. fascinating. You do the craziest things. I’m sure I’ll never figure you all out, and that’s what I love about you. All of you.

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I love lamp.

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Dead or alive?

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I love all animals but only most people. Just a few people I don’t care for and even those have at least one good quality.

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I love very little.

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