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If you just watched or listened to the Warren/Brown debate, what did you think?

Asked by gailcalled (54456points) October 10th, 2012

Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown just had their third and semi-final debate in Springfield, MA. I’d rather hear your reactions than the pundits.

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I was delighted to see a debate that really began to get at issues. The audience seemed to be made up of two separate partisan camps, one for Brown and the other for Warren. That led at times to cheering all out of proportion to the point made. But other than that, it was a substantive debate. I thought Elizabeth Warren did a better job of fending off Senator Brown’s distortions of her record than in previous debates. Plus she was, with these questions, able to expose the votes he has cast that directly conflict with his “I’m Mr. Moderate.” narrative. I think Elizabeth Brown will get a spike in the polls from it.

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Wasn’t on the tube in this neck of the woods, but I will look for it.
Good to hear that it got to specific points, people need to hear that there is definitely a big difference in that race.

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BTW, If you want to hear it for yourself, it’s on YouTube now.

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@ETpro: Thank you but I don’t actually want to listen to it. I’m not even sure that I can turn on the TV in five minutes for Biden and Ryan.

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Shame that Scott Brown kept saying Elizabeth Warren was lying when he’d point to something different than what she said. And he’d dodge to something different when she accused him of misrepresentation. And the nerve he had claiming she was not for the little guy citing just one example of something she supported that happened to support a big company.
He did a bunch of double-speak on energy topics too.
Oh, well, par for the course, although Mr. Brown did not seem as agregious as most ‘pubs.

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@dabbler Even Scott Brown’s attack about the asbestos settlement is full of lies and spin. She did work for Traveler’s Insurance as a lawyer, but she negotiated a massive $500,000,000.00 settlement for the victims. When another Insurance company challenged the legitimacy of that fund, she fought the challenge all the way to the US Supreme Court. That means she was fighting in defense of those injured. Scott Brown knows that and yet he continues to run on lies. [“Here are the facts”:]—Elizabeth-Warren—Travelers———Interested#.UHedSW_A-38.

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Try the actual image here. I can’t make Latex treat that URL right.

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