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What do you think of peeling craft glue off your fingers?

Asked by shrubbery (10311points) June 5th, 2008

Do you like it, or do you think it’s gross… is it too much like real skin or do you find it entertaining haha any random thoughts? Ah! I think I just rubbed some in my eye!

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If I glued something and there’s glue on my fingers, I just peel it off. I never even considered it might be considered gross :P

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I quite enjoy it. I used to do it in class whenever I was bored.

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Exactly, me too :P
I remember in primary school having competitions who could peel off the biggest unbroken piece after art class haha.

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Mhmm…I wouldn’t mind covering my hands in glue (as bad as it may be, who knows) and peeling it off…I think it’s wonderful haha.

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ooooo! I use to love doing that :)

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I remember drawing on it with magic markers while it was still on my hand, then peeling it off.

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perhaps we could have a fluther contest to post an image of the biggest unbroken piece of glue, peeled from a hand? lol

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Haha that would be funny.
I’m glad I’m not the only one with this… fetish? :P

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I love it! It’s a bit like dipping your finger in hot wax and peeling it off when it’s dry. I hate it when there’s little bits stuck thougha nd you have to resort to rubing your hands together to get it off rather than peeling. Boo! to little bits!!!

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Um, I outgrew that after about third grade. It was pretty cool then, though.

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It’s awesome.

I read recently (I think on Lifehacker ) that it’s an easy way to remove small splinters – pool glue on the affected area, allow to dry and peel it off (yay!) and the splinter should, with any luck, come away as well (double yay!).

Mmmmm might play with PVA when I get home.

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That would have been nice to know a few years ago when I was absolutely petrified of splinters… :P

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I don’t have any PVA in the house sadly enough to try it…although today would have been good as I was the only one at home, also wax is awesome :D

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This is one of my absolute favorite activities for sure.

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I try to “stick” to other activities that will provide more pleasure. On the other hand, I don’t have any hang-ups about it.

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I remember doing that! We also used to squirt elmers glue onto pennies, and when it dried we peeled it off and made fake fingernails out of it!!

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As I child I remember I liked doing the palm of my hand, not so much my finger. However now as an “adult”, I have not done it years, so maybe it would be different, somehow I don’t it though.

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I used to put jam on my arm, then cover it with Elmer’s glue. when the glue dried I would peel the center away and run to my parents saying my brother burned me with an iron.

He was about 3 at the time…

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Eww and haha. Brilliant thinking indeed lol.

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@shockvalue – that’s genius!

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genius in a really warped kind of way. What other designs could you make? I can for sure see inksplots like on the psychological tests…hmm….....i did bring a pbj for lunch…perhaps I will look for some glue right now.

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shockvalue how devious of you! ha ha, That sounds like something I would have done to one of my big brothers. I was the only girl and the youngest, so I was a real little brat! tee hee!!

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Love it. I found it relaxing. I just added Elmer’s to my shopping list…

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That’s fun! But it’s annoying when it turns into dry grubby pieces that get everywhere… I like paste better, because it smells like mint.

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…..oooooooooooooooooh…...Live Preview…......oh, yeah…... I-I-I I CAN’T DESCRIBE THE PASSIONATE LOVE A HAVE FOR GLUE, sweet sweet glue….. on my fingers! Just WAITING for me to peel it off…
ooooooooohh….baby…ummmm, bye.

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wouldn’t wax hurt since its hot??????????

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Wax has a low melting point: hence, melted wax is not necessarily that hot, compared to, say, HOT LAVAAA.

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