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If you could live anywhere in Ontario, where would it be and why?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11025points) October 11th, 2012

My partner and I were considering Sault Ste. Marie. I’m looking to hear from you all (those who know anything about or have been to Ontario).

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“There is a house in North Ontario,
all my changes were there.”

Sorry, not very helpful but that’s all I got.

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Sault Ste. Marie? Really? That was one of the most depressing places I’ve seen in ON.

I could see living in the wine country along the Niagara escarpment. The micro-climate there appeals. Access to the Bruce Trail is a plus. Good food, too.

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Oh, wow!

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Stratford..that’s where the Biebs is from,
Big city living London, Windsor, Sarnia is nice also, just on the cusp of Detroit. Small town living Strathroy, Melbourne, Paris, St.Marys, Goderich<-that ones my fav

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I’m also curious about why you chose Sault Ste Marie – it’s pretty awful. Are you looking for big city/small town/something in between? Do you want to be closer to nature or culture?

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I lived in various places around south-western Ontario for a few years. As far as bigger cities go, I liked living in London, Kitchener-Waterloo, or Brampton. Personally, I wouldn’t want to live in Windsor or Hamilton. Guelph and Cambridge are also nice.

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I would live on the water, if I could. I’d want big water so I could have a sailboat and go sailing. You seem to have a lot of water up there, so there’s lots to choose from.

Do you have to worry about work and proximity to work? Do you prefer urban or rural environments? Do you want to be around people? Near people? How about culture? Movies? Plays? Music? Edification?

I’d sit down and draw up a list of what you want in your lives. Then I’d try to locate a space that offered as much of it as you can get in any one place.

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Love the water, yes. We prefer rural, want to be far away from people (ha!), but would travel in town somewhere for a bit of culture.

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Thousand Islands for sure.

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Heh, heh. I’m going to assume you mean Ontario, Canada.

Ontario California is known for having one of the busiest cargo airports in the United States. It is located south east of Los Angeles and is heavily populated, although it is down nearly 4% over the past decade. The weather is very dry, hot in the summer and mild in the winter.

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Truthfully, my first choice of a place to live in Canada would be one of the Maritimes, and not Ontario. But to answer your question, I’d go someplace where I could spend my time Watching the Apples Grow.

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Haha, Hey, CW, if I had my way, I’d live on the East Coast, too!

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Okay then. Somewhere along one of the north shores of the Great Lakes, where this is a reality they know and live with.

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I’d probably choose somewhere outside of Thunder Bay. I’ve never been that far north but I love Lake Superior. You know it’s my dream to live near that beautiful lake one day. =)

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The Thames River(Ontario)#section_2 has a history.

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I’d choose the outskirts of Toronto. Diverse population. Great foodie town.

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I’ve only been through Ontario quickly, but the bus stopped in Sault Ste. Marie. I also own a ghost story book, and one of the stories takes place in that very place
It’s a nice and pretty town from what I saw, and probably a good place to settle down and relax, and yeah, there’s tons of nature there…although personally, I might get bored in a place like that. I love big cities, so I’d choose Toronto for sure haha.

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How ‘bout we come and live with you in Quebec? :P

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You guys can do that! I have pillows for all. Plus it’s real pretty here up in the mountains…just kinda boring lol. XD

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I’m planning to move to Kitchener or Mississauga…. in about 6 years. :P

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Did you know that in Toronto, there is a population of 2.48 million people, and 5.5 million in the GTA!!! I would not live there for that reason. I was there recently and just to get on the 401 took about 45 min & that is normal :/ way too populated for me.

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