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If the eye of an animal has a great many cone cells as well as many rod cells, what does that detirmine about that animal?

Asked by jeanine (4points) October 11th, 2012

an animal that has a great many cones cells as well as rods cells detirmines what?

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Apparently not how to spell “determine.”

Is this homework?

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Have you looked up day and night vision and other factors?
@gailcalled You aren’t getting cynical are you. No one would try that.:)

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Do you know what cone cells and rod cells do in the eye? Do you know what is different about their functions?

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Are you asking if this makes them more valuable? or more closer to human? What are you asking? If they see better then they are better?

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Cone cells—> daytime vision
Rod cells—> nighttime vision

Animal is both active during the day and at night? When the heck does it sleep then?

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