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Shipping Experts: Which mailing option should I choose to ship a t-shirt using USPS?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4362points) October 11th, 2012

I’m thinking a simple bubble wrap envelope, first class?

Thanks I appreciate it! And it’s a domestic delivery only.

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Maybe tuck it into a small cardboard box? You shouldn’t really need bubble wrap for a T-shirt, because it’s not something that’s fragile, in the way that “bubble wrap” things are, but you can’t just ship it in a manila envelope because it might get damaged. Stuff into ziplcoc bag or something and then put it in small cardboard box. That’s what I think; and you did ask, after all. :-)

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I’m going to answer this expert question as an expert online shopper. I’ve bought more than my fair share of clothing online and had it shipped to me by USPS.

You are right to go with first class. It’s cheap to all 50 states, and it’s actually quite fast for the low price.

I like the idea of using something with plastic. It is more durable than plain paper. I’ve received plastic envelopes, but I have no idea where you can get them.

Best of luck.

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We ship stuff all the time, a padded envelop would be the best bet. Any office supply store should be able to sell you one. Use the smallest size you can fit it in without having to strain to close the envelop.

Put some cardboard in front of and behind the shirt to keep it flat and fairly stiff. Attach the mailing and return address to the shirt, if the package gets damaged, you may get the item back if you are lucky.

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While I agree with the other commenters discussing packaging issues, I took your question to be about USPS shipping optiions. In that case, if the item is NOT time sensitive and you are trying to find the least expensive option, your options are either first class or parcel post. Parcel post depending upon the weight might save you a little money. Again, the other answers are correct. There is no real need for ‘protection’ for a shirt. You don’t need to use bubble wrap etc. In fact, if you really wanted to save, you could use a large manilla envelope. I’d suggest taping the seams, but that would be the least expensive option. There isn’t a need for a cardboard box for a shirt, however, you could opt for a padded envelope, it’s only a few ounces more. Keep in mind if the total weight of your package hits 13 ounces you are required (post 9–11) to go to the Post Office. It cannot siimply have postage affixed and handed to a carrier.

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