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Help me identify this MASH episode.

Asked by simone54 (7581points) October 11th, 2012

I saw this episode once and it was very good. I’m trying to figure out the name of episode so I can tell others to watch it.

Hawkeye is driving a jeep, it runs out of gas and stalls. A North Korean soldier finds him and realizes that Hawkeye is a doctor. He leads him a gunpoint another North Korean who is wounded. The two are unable to communicate as the speak different languages but Hawkeye realizes he must save the save wounded man or he will be shot.

I don’t want to spoil the ending for anyone who hasn’t seen it but if anyone had seen it, it would great if you told me the name of the episode.

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I think it’s this one, Season 9, Episode 1: The Best of Enemies

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Right behind you, @lillycoyote: you named it while I was searching.

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I don’t recall the title however, It was a really good episode as well as most of them.

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That was a great one. The links say it was the guy’s buddy, but wasn’t it his child?

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@Jeruba Well, somebody always has to get there first… this time it was me, but a photo finish. You would have gotten there first if I hadn’t decided to abandon the public transportation question and go for the easy win. And I loved that episode. I loved that show. :-)

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I was a faithful fan of MASH as well, @lillycoyote. We both got here with the answer before the question was 11 minutes old, so I’d say that was a good showing, and I don’t mind that you were first. I got a little sidetracked looking at some of the synopses and remembering the episodes.

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