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How long after a mother dog has given birth can her puppies be given away or sold?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9824points) October 12th, 2012


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8 weeks minimum.
A lot of socializing goes on with puppies and their mother up until this age, not to mention being fully weaned, which should never occur before 6–7 weeks minimum. The ideal age to place puppies is around 10 weeks for optimum heath, both physically and emotionally.

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^ I agree with @Coloma. For the best behaved puppy (most ready for training) wait 10–14 weeks prior to adoption or purchase.

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8–10 weeks dependent upon socialization. I let my kittens go at 8 weeks if they are going to a household with another cat or they are taking more than one kitten. If the adoptive “parent” is only going to have one cat, I wait until 10 weeks so that the cat can mature a bit and learn more socialization skills. And then it depends on the personality, too. Some kittens are ready to go at 8 weeks and some just aren’t.

Substitute cat for dog in the above paragraph. :)

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@SpatzieLover Yes, I was going to say 10–12 weeks, but..that is probably unrealistic for a lot of people that really need to find homes for puppies. I once adopted a 5 week old, barely weaned puppy because the party offering the pups said they would be going to the pound if they were not adopted that weekend.
He was never right, emotionally/mentally, inspite of doing my best to socialize, put him in classes, he remained aloof and aggressive and unpredictable around others.

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I have a basset puppy that I’m thinking about. He’s 8 weeks now. I’d prefer that he’d be 12 weeks before being separated from his Mama.

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@Mama_Cakes If the owner/rescue will allow for it, pay for him or put down a deposit (whichever they prefer), and ask for him to be socialized with mama. He’ll be much easier to train at 12 weeks, than he would at 8.

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I agree with all of the above. 8 weeks is the MINIMUM and 10–12 is even better for the sake of the pup. Socialization comes from being WITH litter mates, not just the parent animal, so ALL pups should be kept in the litter for the preferred longer time as, each time one is removed, the dynamics change.

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@Mama_Cakes He’s precious! I used to have a giant Coonhound, I have always loved the scent hounds even though they can be complete boneheads. lol

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Well, they’ll be two boneheads in the family then. One being his Mama. haha

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@Mama_Cakes I loved my hound, all 96 lbs. of rip roaring, decibel breaking, slobbering, floppy eared, food stealing, obnoxiousness. haha

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@Mama_Cakes: Does Honolulu Blue know about this impending decision?

He’s got more up his sleeve other than some mild water splashing.

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@gailcalled He was around another pup for a month. He’ll be okay. I have a lot of love to give and I’m a good “mama”.

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Cute as they come! What a doll of a dog!!!!

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I want a new pup around age 8 weeks, no later than 10 weeks. They learn very well at this point. After 16 weeks it seems as if they go into a dense teen age stage which lasts varying amounts of time. The slower developing dogs such as hounds can go 10 to 12 weeks before training starts.

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^^^ ” slower developing dogs such as hounds”

My hound actually did quite well in basic obedience, he was extremely food motivated, that was the key, but…he totally failed his sit/stay/ test when the trainer came by shaking a bag of treats. It was too much for him and he lunged for the baggy. :-/
He also was terrible at any off leash commands. Off leash meant run like a lunatic and completely ignore all commands to “come.”

I think ” ignore” was his strongest command. haha

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I say 10 Weeks. my lab was 10 Weeks socialised with her mother and siblings and a family with 8 kids running around on a farm, I couldn’t of asked for a better dog.
My other dog we adopted was 7.5 Weeks when we got him, he has social issues :/

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