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What's your normal routine when you get home from work/school?

Asked by jstringham21 (640points) June 5th, 2008

What are the first things you do when you get home everyday?

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I just have a break between school and work where I eat, but after work, if my girlfriend is home, we eat, hang around a bit, and then go to bed (I get home at 8 and we have to be up at 6 the next morning). If she’s not home, I play me some CoD 4, and usually eat something terrible like tortilla chips or instant oatmeal for dinner, or wait until she does get home. Etc.

Such is the life of a broke college student. It’s sounds lamer in words than it feels everyday. :(

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I dump my bags, maybe have a drink or a snack and just sit down and chill out for a little while. Then I do my homework if I have any, then do whatever else I need to do and chill out again.

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Walk into my room drop everything and then Fluther. About a half hour or so later ill realize i have actual important stuff to do and will struggle for another 10 min to pry myself away from the computer. Get whatever done, then back to the computer.

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Drop my stuff and take my shoes off. Check e-mails and some blogs and general interneting and then start dinner.

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I eat, watch no more than 30 minutes of t.v. (daytime t.v. is crap but it’s still a habit), take the dog outside for a few minutes, and then get to studying- i.e. leave my house.

During the summer I do a lot more sleeping.

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im usually filthy or itchy or something so i take shower. then i smoke some herb, a cig, make some phone calls and figure out whats for dinner.

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Have some tea and Fluther. Walk the dogs around for 40 minutes, enjoying the sky, the flowers, and nature.

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Have a cigarette, walk the dogs, call friends, fluther, check email, laugh at headlines on the celeb websites, go to sleep.

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I get home around 6 and I rescue my mom from my daughter, run on the treadmill for 30 min., cook dinner, eat dinner, play with my daughter, bathe her and put her in bed, straighten up the house, talk to my sister(s) while flipping through channels, fix my lunch for the next day, shower and in bed by 11.

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Spend about 2 hours on the computer, eat, watch a movie or go somewhere with friends, study till about 5 am. Bed.

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home from work around 1ish eat lunch, get on the computer and fluther and then I take an hour or two nap other wise ill be dying the rest of the afternoon

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Eat, bath, visit with family,take care of business at the home(like pay bills)

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eat, paly with my kids, shower, put my kids down for bed, spend time with hubby, bed.

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