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How self absorbed have we got as a society that we text during a funeral?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36523points) October 12th, 2012

I happened to look over while I was observing the ceremony today and the Mayor is sitting in the back row, texting during the funeral. How bad is that?

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I take another point of view.

I don’t want a funeral at all. The best thing that could happen when I die is that a bunch of people to to a forest (I really like trees and forests), and they run around and maybe someone tells some jokes.]

I have no desire for anyone of the clergy to say anything at all – I’m non-religious. I would rather have the people tell happy stories about their lives.

Funerals are about the past, and once I am dead, the past is meaningless. I’d rather have people enjoy the “now” and think about the future.

And as for texting—hey, when I am alive people text when I am talking to them. Far be it from me to force my rules on them after I am dead.

Traditional funerals are so, well, morbid.

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I’m with @elbanditoroso.
I don’t text at funerals, but I also hate the whole concept. I hate the formalities, I hate getting dressed up (usually in all black) to sit around quietly and be on my very best behavior – usually when all I want to do is stay in my pajamas and cry. I can’t wait for this tradition to go away.

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Funeral or no funeral, texting has reaching new levels of irritation for me. Plus also receiving emails on my phone. I feel bound and tied to the darn thing. I don’t know where it will all end but I really want to throw my phone away. I’m so over it. Your example there just shows what society has become. There are no moments set in the present.

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No offense but funerals are pretty boring, especially if you weren’t very close with the deceased.

I wonder if he was tweeting.

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I agree that the texting mania is outta control, I also agree that traditional funerals are grim and outdated. I plan on being cremated and have zero desire to be mourned. Dead is dead, time to let go and move on, ready or not. lol

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Mayors go to funerals out of respect to the deceased, but basically, he had so many other things to take care of, he couldn’t pay close attention. I mean, he is a politician after all. He only needs point for attending, not for participation.

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Sad. People can’t take a few moments out of one day to show respect for someone who has passed. I think the answer to your question @Adirondackwannabe is very.

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I agree. Now streaming a movie wold have been really bad taste.
Texting and looking at our mobile devices is our new ADHD starter.

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I’d rather he be texting at a funeral than texting while driving.

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@cheebdragon yes, texting while driving is a great way to set up your own funeral. lol

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It’s disrespectful in my opinion. Close to the deceased or not close, people on the other end of your cell phone can wait. If they can’t they wouldn’t be texting. You’d get a call instead.

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I think it’s disrespectful. Why do people today have to be communicating with others 24/7 ? What happened to just sitting alone, quietly and reading or something? I must be old because I find a lot of what people are saying quite boring (not that I’m not also boring, of course). But, as a teen, I feel I would have just loved getting texts because I know I loved getting phone calls. Nowadays I like being alone with my thoughts. Texting at a funeral is like texting during a church sermon. Don’t bother to show up if it means that little to you.

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Unless someone is anticipating an emergency message, like an impending death or birth of a loved one, I cannot understand why a cell phone should be on during any type of group function. The challenge is, we don’t always know what is on the other person’s plate.

In the case of the mayor attending the funeral, it wasn’t in the best taste. The device should have been either shut off or he discretely step outside since he was sitting in a back row.

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Did he message you? LOL How do you know he was texting? Maybe he just forgot he left his phone on ring and was setting it silent? That’d really be embarrassing to have his phone ring during the service. I mean he is the mayor…. I would hope he would be on his phone for something a bit more important then to text “how r u” or ” c u l8r”
People get waaaaay to attached to their cell phones, imo. I know I did when I had my smart phone. I have a landline and a crappy cell I went back to after having the other for a month. I rarely use it and have had it forever.

I would loooove to get a new iphone. I drool over the commercials and paw them shamelessly when I’m at BestBuy. thinking I’ll get one of them when I get a new husband just so I can proposition him, send suggestive messages and… well… ya know <winks>

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