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How do I get my information off this website?

Asked by Ponderer983 (6406points) October 12th, 2012

It’s called status bin and is apparently connected to Facebook as they have my profile pic and my recent activity on there. Anyone have experience with this website and know how to get my info off there?

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Perhaps their FAQ will answer some of your questions. Good luck.

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I am not sure. I hate when sites mysteriously make profiles for you even though you’ve never heard of or been to their site before. Unfortunately I have come across this more than once. I don’t think it can be stopped completely but you can make changes to your info so others can’t find you. On some sites, you have to “claim” your profile before you can make any changes or delete it. This means logging into the site with either your facebook or google account.

They have a FAQ on their site so try logging into the website with your facebook account and try deleting your account from there.

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Anything on that site is publicly shown by your social network anyway.

I just had a look. Log in using your facebook then click account at the top, edit profile and deactivate at the bottom.

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I’m confused. Is everyone saying what they do here on fluther is on facebook? Can someone explain it better to me?

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