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Best way to jailbreak 1.1.4 iPod Touch?

Asked by jstringham21 (640points) June 5th, 2008

ZiPhone? iLiberty? Something else?

I use a mac. But I also have a PC, but I prefer not to use it.

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ZiPhone definitely! It’s so easy to do and there are not as many problems with it. But if I were you I’d just wait till monday when App Store is released in the 2.0 firmware.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I just jailbroke it using ZiPhone, and it worked like a charm. Took less than 1 minute!

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be carefull cause it might damage your iPod touch.

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yeah i agree…. every time you update your ipod u have to install them again

hey what new things did you add to your touch?

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Why not just wait until the update?

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I’m not a fan of paying for apps when I can get just as good of ones for free.

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Well there are some major companies working for apple. I expect some really good apps to be released. Also there is a less likely chance of breaking your ipod.

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71% of Appstore apps are FREEEEEE

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