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How can I learn traditional Chinese, as spoken in Taiwan?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21631points) October 13th, 2012

You would think a simple Google search would provide an answer to this question, but you would be wrong.

As some of you know, my girlfriend is from Taiwan. When we are together she some times teaches me some Chinese, and I have learned a few basics.

My girlfriend is now away from me for the next 6 months, back in Taiwan finishing her masters degree.

I would like to learn more Chinese while she is away, but I have a bit of a problem.

When I try to find courses online or software or anything like that, I never know if what I’m learning is simplified Chinese, as spoken in China, or traditional Chinese as spoken in Taiwan.

As China has way more population and is bigger in general, most to all of the courses seem to be on simplified mandarin as spoken in China.

I could really use a solid course, that takes you from beginner to intermediate or more, in traditional Chinese, the mandarin version used in Taiwan.

If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

My Google searches all throw up 3 minute Youtube videos that teach you how to say hello for the millionth time, and the pros and cons of simplified vs traditional.

Any ideas?

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