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What are the warmest socks?

Asked by blueknight73 (2706points) October 13th, 2012

What are some really warm mens socks for this winter?

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Try a pair of thick hiking socks from Smartwool.

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this company does the Socks for Soldiers charity. They have a long history. They invented the sock that was used for the original sock monkey for chrissakes! But what I respect and admire about them is their commitment to quality. Read the testimonials and you’ll see how happy customers are with their purchases. There is a sort of science to it, creating a warm sock. I have directed you to the cold weather sock page. The prices are reasonable too. I think I’m going to donate to the Socks for Soldiers thing. I was reading about it last week.My husband is aghast that citizens have to donate socks for our servicemen. He can’t believe that the government isn’t providing them with what they need. Even if it did, I think it’s a whole way of boosting morale amongst the troops. It’s great. It shows them that someone cares.
@blueknight73 Sorry if I got a little carried away. You didn’t realize socks were so important , did you? :)

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Look for socks with thinsulate in them. That is good stuff. And make sure you’re footwear isn’t too tight. Good circulation helps keep the feet warm.
@Earthgirl I’m with you. What the hell is our government thinking sending our guys out with lousy equipment? These idiots are asking them to risk their lives, but oh by the way, we’re too damn cheap to give you good equipment?

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Well, @Adirondackwannabe , in the end we are paying for it, we are the government I’m not sure what the real situation is here. I read on the website for Fox River that sometimes they are in need and they move around a lot and supplies are not available of the items they need.

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The warmest socks are TWO pairs of socks, layered, from thinner to thicker. Layers are always the way to go.

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100% Cashmere (no blends) socks are the warmest and I’m telling you that from personal experience in a -20 degree winter environment. Expect to pay $50 per pair though.

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If you can find thin polypropylene liner socks and wear them under the Cashmere you won’t regret it, The poly will wick moisture away from your feet and keep them dry and warm.

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@emilianate Welcome to fluther! :-)
We’ve come a long way from grass stuffed Mastodon skin booties huh? lol

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I can personally and absolutely recommend these socks , they contain possum fibre and are without a doubt the warmest socks I have ever worn.

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I agree with hiking socks. They are the warmest, toastiest socks. They last for a long time too. Well mine do.

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The warmest socks I have ever worn are a blend of merino wool and possom fur. I spent almost 35 bucks on one pair and I thought that was totally outrageous, but they are worth every penny, they are naturally wicking, the merino keeps you warm and the possom is so soft. But after about 6 weeks of wearing and washing, a huge hole appeared in one toe. On the wrapper of the socks was a website so through that site I sent an email to the manufacturer and told them I loved the socks but didn’t feel they should wear out so quickly. They wrote back and basically told me it was my tough luck, they don’t guarantee their socks. I was going to buy more but I won’t do business with them any more after that. Too bad, they are wonderful socks, except for the hole. (Does anyone know how to darn socks?)

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These are very good – thick, hardy, and all that. And warm.

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@rooeytoo That is interesting. I read the info on those possom fur socks because I had never heard of possom fur being used. Now I want to test them out!

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@Earthgirl – they do feel heavenly on my feet and kept them so warm. I really am disappointed in the quality control of the place where I bought mine. Perhaps your source is different, where did you find them? I would buy more.

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@rooeytoo Did you buy the socks from the New Zealand Nature Co website? Just wondering if they are the same manufacturer as mine (see my link above).

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@Adagio – I’m sorry I missed your original post and link. I am not entirely positive if that is the same mob. When they were so unhelpful I was annoyed and threw the card and info into the rubbish. There is one pair of work socks that look very similar (mine are different color). I thought I spent 34, jeez I hope I didn’t spend 44!!! Do you have some and do you like yours? They are great, I just wish I knew how to darn.

I just read your profile, I love your “I am from.” And if that is your photo, you look very much like Judy Densch (sp???)

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@rooeytoo This is the website I looked at. I haven’t tried the socks though.

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@rooeytoo I’m in love with mine : ^) No, not me, it is indeed the wonderful Judy Dench.

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@Earthgirl – I will check it out. I do really like the socks but thankfully we are reaching the end of the wool socks season here so I won’t need them until next year!!!! Praise the lord or mother nature or whomever you praise!!!

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