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Is it my connection or is Fluther running extra slow tonight?

Asked by Coloma (46575points) October 13th, 2012

It is taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r tonight for me to access Q’s, give GA’s and, in general, navigate around the zone. Maybe my neighbors live music party bash is messing with the signals on my hill over here. haha
Is Fluther responding extra slow for you too?

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I too am having the same problem. I have to highlight and then hit “return” once or twice.

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Yes, I’ve discovered I need to click on something several times before it decides it really wants to connect. I wonder if this means an upgrade has been attempted.

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Whew….another great ” not crazy” moment unfolds.
No, not under the influence of the happy brownies. I am sober 92.9 % of the time. haha
Okay…good news!

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Yes, it’s taking long for me also. I keep having to close the tab I have open and trying again in order to get anywhere on the site…I was beginning to think there was something wrong with my internet connection.

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I just signed on, and so far am not experiencing this problem. How long has it been going on?

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@augustlan For me it’s been happening all day, for maybe the past 8 hours or so…

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Yes. since late afternoon PDT. It is now 9:47 PDT, sooo, at least 5 hours here in Californi.

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Thanks for letting us know! I’d been rolling along just fine, when just now I hit a page that wouldn’t load. Weird. I’ll alert the guys.

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Another chime for the slowness. I got a new internet provider with a better connection, everything is faster, but coming on here I thought maybe it was messing up. I guess not. :/

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Ben is looking into it as we type. :)

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I’ze be rootin’ yo!

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Yay Ben!

Could you now ask him to stop the heavy rain that keeps knocking out my internet tonight? I’m asking for too much, aren’t I.

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The problem seems to be solved, for me anyway. Anyone else still having issues?

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It was slow last night but is fine this morning. Thanks!

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Yes, seems fine this morning again. :-)

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Everything seems fine now…12:00 PM EST

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So you mean to say that I didn’t need to restart my computer 3 times? It’s the site? Grrrrrr.

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@Kardamom LOL, nice one. :p

And yup, works fine on my end.

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All good my side, but did that yesterday.

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Thanks, Ben!

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That would place me either side of TV, rather like stereo speakers…...I like.

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