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Trapped in a room with a dead body, how long will you last?

Asked by mazingerz88 (18976points) October 13th, 2012

A Halloween question. The person just died and you’re trapped. What do you think is the craziest thing you might do or that could happen to you during this experience. This ordeal. Please feel free to hypothesize on what other things are in the room. As long as it can’t be used to dispose of the body.

Put a window. But not big enough for you to push the body out. So there.

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I’m a heavy smoker and can’t really smell anything. I guess I would do what I normally do when I am bored and try to suck my own penis.

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If I am trapped, I am trapped. I would probably just will myself to die or hang myself by knotting the corpses and my clothes together before extreme putrification set in. I am pretty sure one can gag to death under certain circumstances. lol

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Well, I’d make use of my resources. I’m trapped. I can’t get out. But I have to survive until someone finds and rescues me. Surviving includes food. What is there in the room for me to eat?

Problem solved, bro.

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There’s a sketch pad and a box of charcoal pencils, graphite pencils, and pastels. I’m going to draw the body.

I’ll be playing music on the CD player. It looks like there’s some Erik Satie. Also some Moussorgsky. I’ll go with the Satie for now.

And I’ll have a glass of that cabernet.

Before the candles burn down, I’ll spread the blanket and curl up in that soft chair. I’ll take a nap and wait for daylight.

Then I’ll call somebody on the cellphone.

I suppose maybe I ought to have done that first, but I wasn’t thinking straight after she just lay down and died without saying a word. I didn’t even know her.

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If it’s a large enough body I should last a while before I starve

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I’d entertain myself, for days if needed, with the pink elephant.

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Those damn blow flies that seem to come out of no where to flit around dead bodies would drive me insane within a few hours.

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I would write the memoirs of my roommate as told to me by the corpse.
A compelling story and unique perspective that I don’t think has been taken.
Once off the best seller list I would negotiate the movie rights with Tim Burton.
It is going to be smashing!
The Corpse and I will go to all the openers.
Pay no attention to what TMZ says about it.

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I would pull the wall and/or ceiling material down and hope that it contains plaster and that the plaster is lime based. I would then work on powdering the plaster and I would then pour it over the body to dampen the odours.

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Eat the bastard and use his femur as a crow bar to escape.

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I’d talk to him/her. I have a very powerful imagination, even as a child I had imaginary friends which I believed were real.
I’d spend my time in that room living as if the person was merely lying down, make up a scenario, give them a name, a life, a whole story of how they got to be there…
There is a tap in the wall, with running water, so that’s okay. I still have my backpack with me, with loads of chocolate and crisps inside. Due to the cold weather, I have a stuffy nose so can’t smell much at all.
I’ll just live in my own little bubble until someone comes and hopefully gets me out.

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It’s just a body. I’d close the eyes and put it in a respectable position, and then try to find a way out. Assuming I fail, based on the scenario, I will eventually die of dehydration.

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I’d just turn the switch to standby mode, and wait while the body decomposed and then the building fell apart. Then, when I could get out of the room, I’d switch back into active mode.

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The smell would do me in. I’d pretty much suck at this.

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Well mine is a female body, so I would brush her long hair, and put make up on her. I love Barbie. I’d also chat to her, check her labels in her clothing and also of course her shoes. She has a handbag so I do a quick makeup haul of what not to wear. After all look at her for example. I’d take great photo’s of decomposition, to submit to a morbid stock photo site. Then finally send an email for help.

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It would totally depend whether or not the dead body was a zombie and trying to eat you.

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I would keep my cool and wait patiently for someone to find me and let me out. I would look at the dead body from time to time because there is something fascinating about death. If I saw the body twitch at all or try to move I would go to the window and see if I could get out that way. If the head of the deceased then rose and turned to look at me I would begin to panic and think this can’t be happening. If it continued to happen and the damned window space was too small for me to get through things then I would really panic.

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I’m a little wacked when it comes to these situations. I would take a nap. Then look for the weak points in the room. Where are the door hinges? What’s outside from the window?

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I would go insane after the decomposition starts I may act like a caveman and take two splinters of wood from the bed and try to burn the place down.

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I’d rather be locked in a room with a corpse than with some of you guys who are ready to turn cannibal in, like, fifteen minutes.

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I’d bore several small holes into the back of said corpse using the randomly placed set of colouring pencils that just happened to be in the room.
I’d then blow wind up the stiff’s arsehole & play the fucker much like a massive flute.

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Oh Jeez, @ucme. That’s playing with fire. Just about literally.

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Well, I would hope I would remain calm. I would listen to music and write. Both of those are my ways of releasing stress and tension. I would cover up the body with a blanket and say a short prayer for that person. Then I would just wait till someone came to get me.

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Interesting that it was not until response number 23 that anyone suggested offering a prayer for the deceased.

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Honestly? I’d probably check to confirm they’re really dead. Then I’d probably attempt resuscitation for a while on the off chance they had died very recently. Assuming I couldn’t help them, I’d quietly apologize for being too late and then, assuming the room were locked, I would go to the window and begin yelling for help.

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