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Do you use Twitter, and if so, how do you use it differently than Facebook?

Asked by jca (35976points) October 14th, 2012

I am considering using Twitter but want to know what the majority of others use it for. Do you use it to write status updates? Do you use it to follow others’ updates? Do you use it to receive breaking news? How is the way you use Twitter different from the way you use Facebook?

I don’t want to get involved in another social network if it’s going to duplicate one I use now. I don’t have time for that. What makes me curious about Twitter is that there’s a blog I used to follow, and I see that the blogger is no longer blogging but now can be found on Twitter daily, so that’s what brought me to this issue.

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I have recently discovered that my favorite actors and actresses all are on twitter, and some are tweeting often.

The other night, a movie that I love was shown on TV and the cast and a few of the writers had a party, and watched it together, and tweeted the whole time about awkward stuff that happened during the shoot. Then other actors who weren’t at the party started to chime in and they goofed on the commercials and responded to fans tweets.

I would never tweet myself, but movie or TV parties with the cast and crew is great.

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I have a very small circle of friends I actually know, rather than friends I just add for the heck of it – which is what a lot of people do I guess. I do have some likes on there that are related to popular TV programs (Castle and Psych) and some sports teams, but that’s it.
On Twitter I follow some musicians of significance to the industry, BBC News and a bunch of other music related twitter users.
I tend not to tweet often, but will do when something of interest tweeted by someone else catches my eye.

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In facebook, I am friends with friends and relatives. I am interested in what is happening in their lives. With twitter I follow mostly groups, sports, in other words, hardly anyone I actually know. It is an excellent way to get info on traffic problems. Just depends on how you want to use them.

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I use it to add status updates similar to those you would see on Facebook, I “retweet” interesting articles etc and I follow friends and celebrities. I’m not as dedicated to Twitter as some seem to be, I probably update my Twitter status three times a week on average and not every half hour but I do quite enjoy it! Unlike Facebook, I do not use Twitter to add/share pictures.

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I just the built-in broadcast feature of Ubuntu to post status updates, which posts them to both Facebook and Twitter, among others. So yes, I use it and use it no different than I do Facebook.

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I use Facebook to keep in touch with people I know and I use Twitter to keep up with people I find interesting.

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