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Can I cook Salmon that has been frozen and then freeze again?

Asked by tan253 (2165points) October 16th, 2012

I’m wanting to give my daughter some salmon but I“m cooking it from frozen, once I’ve cooked it can I freeze some of it again to give to her later or can you only freeze it once?


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You can freeze it again, but I’m not sure the texture will be that good. What the heck, you don’t know until you try.

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You can freeze it again after you cook it. Probably most frozen food dinners you buy in the supermarket did that with the meat or fish that they package.

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Great thank you!!

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Make sure the fish is completely cool before you freeze it. You might want to let it go to room temp, then fridge it for an hour, then put it in the freezer. Wrap it well.

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Next time you buy fresh salmon, divide it into small (3 oz?) portions and freeze separately.

I personally would not serve a 6 month old (or, for that matter, me) refrozen and then rethawed fish. Better safe than sorry, no?

Is it OK to refreeze fish that has already been thawed? Yes and no.

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According to the sushi aficionados frozen fish is safer because any parasites would be destroyed in the freezing process. Generally anything that has been thawed can be refrozen after cooking if safe food handling is followed. I have done that for me ( can’t pass up a sale on salmon frozen or not) , the texture is not that bad especially for a little one. Just remember salmon is a very rich fish so I would give her small quantities initially.Ice cube trays are great for little tummy portions. I used to freeze in the tray & then transfer to bags for my little monsters.

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@gailcalled Your link is about refreezing raw fish. Totally different.

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Here is a direct quote:

“I thawed some frozen fish fillets for dinner tonight, but now I’ve had a change in plans and don’t have time to cook them. Is it okay if I refreeze them?”

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@gailcalled Exactly. Don’t have time to cook them. Still raw.

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Initially fish were frozen.

User then thawed them.

Changed her mind and wants to RE freeze them.

They are raw for the second time.

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@gailcalled The OP is talking about cooking the fish then freezing. Her fish will be cooked, not raw. Raw is raw, regardless of whether it is at room temperature or frozen. Cooked is cooked.

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I’m so confused.

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Any food can be re-frozen after it’s been cooked. The important part is when you re-heat it, it must be thoroughly hot – at least 68 degrees all the way through. The salmon will be fine (although it will be a bit mushy after you’ve thawed and re-heated it).

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