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What is your best internet horror date story?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) October 16th, 2012

A few years ago I was quite active on a dating site. I had a few friends join with me. I wasn’t that keen as frankly I was busy at the time and not really in the market for a dating partner.

I eventually accepted two dates. The one guy stared at my feet throughout the entire luncheon, then confessed he had a foot fetish. Despite this he seemed like an intelligent guy, I am not saying foot fetishes make you stupid but first dates are not great contexts in which to confess them?

He also looked very little like his photo, shorter, fatter and paler! After an hour luncheon off I tootled to continue with me day.

I was at the supermarket when the call came. It was a female. She demanded to know who I was, then started to cry hysterically and scream at “Rabbit” (his nick name?) what a bastard he was and when was it all going to end. I could hear little rabbit in the background in a terrible state as well. She sounded tortured and and heartbroken. Clearly this was his wife.

So has anyone else got a dating, or blind date horror story?

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In college, some friends of mine decided to set up a group blind-date event where about 20 of us were set up into couples, blindfolded, led around by a guide who guided both of us in and out of different stores (one was a condom shop) then ultimately took us to a restaurant. To make things a bit more interesting, we were all Deaf as well so we could only communicate by tactile signing. I was put with this lumbering guy with huge, warm, sticky-moist hands and unpredictable mannerisms (pushing or jerking for no reason)—I felt an instant distaste for him.

When our blindfolds were removed, we both immediately grimaced at each other. Just a week before, we had gotten into a huge disagreement during a class discussion that had not been resolved. I couldn’t stand him and the feeling was mutual.

We ended up having a not-so-bad time though— found some strange common ground in the awkward moment from our mutual dislike!

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No horror stories just your run o’ the mill jerks that either come on like freight trains and have you living together by the end of the first date or, as often happens, they are beautifully well written and articulate in their emails but can’t string together 3 words in person. haha
I am a very talkative and outgoing, witty and bantering type, If I wanted to date a mute I’d advertise for one. ” Bright, humorous, articulate female seeking mute man for fun, one sided conversations” Let me entertain you! lol

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Oh, I did have one guy that invited himself to come over and sit in my hot tub before we even met. Uh, helllooo..can you spell “b-o-u-n-d-ar-i-e-s?” What makes you think I want your hairy ass fouling up my sparkling waters when I don’t even know you!
Oh, and another that invited himself to spend the night on a first meeting because he doesn’t drive after drinking. Well then, simple, don’t drink. :-/

What, you can’t get through a meet and greet without getting shitfaced first?
I told him could have a stall in the barn with fresh pine shavings. I don’t think he appreciated my humor. :-p

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@Coloma Ah! but were you absolutely sure, his ass was hairy?

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@Shippy Compared to the rest of him, most likely. haha

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Gracious! My stories are nothing compared to the rest of you all. The tales below come from six months on one dating site:
– One person said I must be fat and ugly since I refused to post a picture of myself. (I didn’t have a digital camera at the time.) Good riddance early on.
– One person sent me crude jokes that he thought were hysterical.
– One guy said that his fantasy (out of the blue…I didn’t ask) was to have a woman lay on his kitchen floor and shave her pubic area.
– The only dating site member I met in person (for coffee) informed me that his second son was the product of his ex-wife’s affair with her sister’s husband. The fact that the son, now a teenager, didn’t know this but I did was TMI for a first date.

Thus, the end of the online dating venture. I moved on to a genealogy site where the information was about dead people. What’s ironic is that I met my partner on a website I joined for work research. It isn’t one designed for dating…it just happened. That was five years ago.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Hahaha….. ” I moved on to a genealogy site where the information was about dead people.” I am going to bill you for my laughter induced aneurism!

I also had a guy write me a nasty email saying I must be a stuck up bitch because I hadn’t replied to him in, ooooh, less than 2 hours!!!
Seriously, I received an email and then, got the nasty note just a few hours later! Unbelievable!
Yes, I find dead people much more interesting than dating sites myself. lol

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OMG! I have the worst ever. I had a date with a child molester!!!! After my first date he called me and was acting really weird. I had showed him pictures of my daughter. I finally asked him what does he want from this. He said was that he didn’t want me, HE WANTED MY DAUGHTER SHE WAS REALLY PRETTY SHE WAS 3!!!!! WTF! I called the cops after I hung up on his ass. it’s too bad for him that I had his address and number, I never heard anything again. If it was a mind game it was a sad one. And you thought talking about feet on the first date was bad…I think it’s actually better to get it out of the way.

Imagine if that guy never told me and we started dating and I found out by some other horrible way…I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself.

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@nofurbelowsbatgirl Wow! You barely escaped something really bad woman! Eeee, shiver!
I think I would have had a hard time not wanting to take a baseball bat to his head.

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I’ll let you know tomorrow, @Shippy.

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Hopes Nikipedia doesn’t see this question.

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