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Need advice on winter tires can you help me?

Asked by CuriousLoner (1809points) October 16th, 2012

First winter in Alaska. My jeep has been doing well with snow I have it in 4 wheel drive, so far has not been too bad, but I can tell my tires need more grip. Been thinking about putting some weight in the back too, as right now I have the back seat down to throw ruck,gear and other random stuff.

I plan on getting a set of tires for winter – OR Blizzaks only problem is they don’t have in any stock right now of Blizzaks and would prefer to get this done ASAP.|21263|firestone%20winter%20force||S|p|6698896573&tireModel=Winterforce

I’d like opinions on the tires and also whether to get studs in them or not?

Will extra weight help? If yes how much should I look to add?

Also any other advice or tips?

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Don’t go with more weight. Jeeps are very tail happy in two wheel drive. Just keep it in 4WD when the conditions are snowy. If you change tires each season it’s rough on the beads of the tires too.Get some good tires and take you’re time.

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@Adirondackwannabe I was planning on keeping the tires that are on already and then just keep this new set solely for winter. This way I’d only be switching between 2 sets each year. Would that be the better way to go or maybe just get the tires I have on already studded?

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In NYS we can only run studded tires during the winter months. If I had two wheel drive I’d go with studded. I never switched my jeeps tires from winter to summer. We switched the tires on my girl’s car from winter to summer and the beads went bad before the tires did. And only tires designed to be studded can be studded.

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@Adirondackwannabe I believe it is same rule here. I think we can use studded tires until April 15th someone told me. Didn’t know about that only certain tires part thanks for heads up.

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Extra rims with Ice and Snow tires mounted and balanced. Pirelli Scorpion Ice and Snow great tires. Will not be needed until snow on the ground.

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As a former New Englander, I can count on one hand the number of times I even used snow tires, mostly because all but one set of them sucked. The exception being a set of Gislaved tires that took my tail-happy ‘89 Golf and put it on rails despite the worst NH could do. They worked far better than even the studded ones (and in VT/NH, studs are 12-month legal).

Do not put weight in the back! All that does is create a whole new set of problems.

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@CuriousLoner as an Alaskan I have always gone with blizzaks with no weight. Why change something that works. There are plenty of shops in town call them one by one. Sure they are probably busy but someone should fit you in.

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I’m in Alaska and have studded tires but have heard good things about all-weather tires, too. I think the final decision probably depends mostly on what type of driving you’ll mostly be doing. I went with studs because I have a bit of a climb up a hill to my home and the studs provided that extra bit of grip that the all-weather tires didn’t. As one of my AK friends wisely told me, too, don’t assume having 4w drive means you have 4w stop, hence the studded tires gave me a bit of an edge there, too. The time frame for studded tires varies even here in the state, btw, but where I am, in the general area of Anchorage/Wasilla, it’s mid-Sept. thru mid-April, tho’ they adjust at time based on weather issues. I drive a Toyota Camry, front wheel drive, and have had no issues.

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@AlaskaTundrea As an aside, 4wd often causes one end or the other to break loose when you let off the gas. It’s great to get you moving, but can cause more issues than it’s worth when it comes time to stop, and skid recovery is just a nightmare (if not impossible); when they go, they go completely.

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