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Do you think I'm pretty enough for a guy to fall in love with me?

Asked by ruwilliams (33points) October 17th, 2012


I’m 15 and japanese. I’m in love with a guy in my class and we a friends but I don’t really know what he thinks of me, especially about my looks. Some other guys told me that I’m very pretty but I’d actually like to know what you think because those guys were my friends so they just could have said that to be friendly.
I want to know, what you think about my look. No character just what you would think if you’d meet me on the street.

—- > Just look on my profile to view my photo.



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I don’t believe love is based on looks, so regardless of what you look like, my answer will always be “yes, of course”! Be kind, be yourself, don’t worry about it. :)

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@Ruby A little hard to tell, pics a little unclear and your eyes aren’t looking at the camera, but yeah, you’re cute! Maybe not fashion model gorgeous, but not many people are.

The thing is, doll, there is someone for everyone in the world, you can look like a dog and still someone will love you for all you are. And looks aren’t everything, are you nice to others, do you help your family, there are so many factors that add to attraction.

Myself, I don’t care about looks so much but I do care about intelligence, kindness and morals, also world views/ politics. So don’t be too hard on yourself and try not to base all your validation in your appearance.

My niece is half-Japanese and her self-esteem wasn’t very good while in Japan. When she got to the States she fell in love with a nice American boy and they just got married this year, and got a great job with a Japanese businessman as his interpreter.

Just be healthy and happy and confident and focus on being smart, that is usually what people find most attractive in others. Sayonara!

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For heavens sake, you’re lovely. Stop fussing about it. Now you can work on your inner beauty and strength of character.

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You are lovely, but don’t depend on that for people loving you.
Be satisfied that no one would run screaming from an unexpected viewing of you.

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Are you pretty? Yes. I think if I was 15 and we shared a class I’d definitely notice you.

And perhaps I’m old and don’t know any better, but I also think it takes guts to put that kind of question out there to the internet, of course it’s not like Fluther is 4chan or anything, but still it speaks well of your character – even if that wasn’t at issue.

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Welcome to Fluther.

Hopefully we can get you to the point where you’re asking us a better question. Instead of “Am I pretty enough for him?” I would like to hear you describe the guy and then ask us, “Do you think he’s worth my time?”

And yeah, he probably is unless he’s a total loser, but it’s all about attitude. People should be judged by you as being worth your time or not.

It’s not about looks, because the other thing to realize is that the guy who loves you will realize, “She’s beautiful because I love her.” The guy who thinks “I love her because she’s beautiful,” is the wrong guy for you anyway.

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Mochiron yo! Shinpaishinaide! Wakatta?

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You’re certainly pretty enough. That’s about five percent of most relationships.

Do you have what else it takes?

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I have no intention of looking at your photo, and I can assure you that if you can become the sort of confident, self-assured woman who is comfortable in her own skin and doesn’t obsess over her looks, you will be the sort of person that is attractive to the opposite sex.

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Absolutely Gorgeous

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Uh, you do realize people don’t fall in love with looks only, right?

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Honey, you are 15….don’t go down that road yet, it doesn’t end well, just focus on school.

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Yes, but looks are only what sometimes attracts you to a person initially. Personality and what you have in common is a lot more important in the long run.

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In the end it all has to do with your own sense of what beauty is. Are you pretty. Yes. But there are million more equally pretty or even gorgeous young ladies.
If you are having problems getting connected with the opposite sex, it probably has more to do with your insecurities. I have met women who are super model pretty who can’t connect with a guy because of their insecurities and I have met women who not classic beauties and yet they have no problem getting dates because they are secure in how they look. We all have an inner beauty inside that can radiate on the outside and make us glow.

Of course it isn’t uncommon for a 15 year old to feel insecure. When I was 15 I felt insecure as well. But the moment I accepted myself completely and learned to love every part of me, it was like guys couldn’t get my number fast enough.
My dad use to tell me to hold my head up high when I walked out in public because God didn’t make junk, so I had no reason to hang my head low.
One day I decided he was right. There was no reason to lower my head in shame or to try to hide. And their is no one who isn’t worthy of being loved. You will find someone to love you someday. It may not be this boy. But whoever he is, he should love you because of who you are not for only how you look. Work on you inner strengths and the rest will fall into place.

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The most satisfying relationships are based around compatibility, not looks. Being cute (which you are) is no guarantee that you’ll end up with someone or that you’ll be happy together. When you meet someone and your personalities really fit together, looks aren’t that important.

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Yeah you are pretty sweetie…and any guy would easily fall for you.

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Stop making yourself a sex object that depends on guys opinions of you to boost your own self-esteem. Relationships should be about compatibility and respect, and not being chased or ‘desired’. You’re setting yourself up for a nasty trap here.

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