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What do you wish you hadn't said?

Asked by Sunny2 (18768points) October 17th, 2012

Perhaps you were unkind or just didn’t think, but you wished you hadn’t made the comment you made and it resulted in a different response that you would have liked? It may have been to your SO, your child, your friend, your boss or even someone you didn’t know.

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I told a manipulative friend I dumped last year that she was about as stimulating to be around as a potato under the sink and had the IQ of one too! haha
I called her ” Mrs. Potato head”.
It could’ve been a lot worse as I am very verbally sharp and few can match my zingers.
I was furious with her and while I am usually very emotionally mature she sucked me into her illogical and histrionic insanity, briefly.

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MIlo here; In an irrational moment, I told Gail (without being asked) that she looked fat in those jeans.

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When I was 20 I used the N word while speaking to some friends. (Use of it then was quite common amongst a lot of whites). There was an African American present at the time that I had forgotten was even there. I was deeply ashamed and have been ever since. And I have not tolerated use of that word ever since.

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The vice principal of my junior high school had very puffy white hair. Just so happened her name was similar enough to “Fuzzball” that it became her nickname amongst the students. At least once I know she heard me call her “Ms. Fuzzball”.

It wasn’t until she didn’t come back for my 8th grade year that we found out that she had cancer, the “fuzzball” was a wig, and she had passed away over summer vacation.

What a wake-up call that was.

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“That dinner was lovely darling, may I have some more?”

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My dad has always tried to be the father to my half-sister that she never had. One day during casual conversation with her I let slip ”my dad”, instead of just “dad”. I always felt really horrible about that.

I once said in front of my cousins that my aunt was very pregnant during her wedding. Boy I caught hell for that. It never occurred to me that they would have lied to their children about it. I mean, didn’t they see the wedding pictures, or find out the wedding date at some point? Can’t they do the math? My oldest cousin was born less than a month after the wedding, hello. People and their lies, sigh.

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“Hey, look at my score over there.”

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No “I do“s? No saying yes to something else you didn’t really want to do?

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I put my foot in my mouth too often to remember anything but the most recent blunders..
Just last week when my boss was recounting a health problem I said: “It’s hell to get old, isn’t it?” (I meant it to sound like I was commiserating with her..because I’m not much younger than her and have had my share of recent health issues as part of getting older…but the look on her face told me she didn’t take it that way.)

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I have ADHD and growing up, I was pretty impulsive. I used to have a really bad “foot-in-mouth” disease… words coming out without going through the social filter first. That really honed my apologizing and backtracking skills… :-/

One example I can think of right away.. I called a smallish guy friend of mine diminutive, in front of him, without thinking about the connotation.

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Dang, @Sunny2, you almost had me there. I am NOT going to say it again. :-)

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Sigh! I do this daily, there is no hope for me!

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“Jill, it looked like you were blowing Evan right out here on the deck just now, even though Cassandra and I were right here and could see you. What the fuck?”

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