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In the Octagon, Romney or Obama?

Asked by majorrich (14634points) October 17th, 2012

If it comes to it, and it almost did last night, who would come out on top it there was a no-holds-barred battle between Romney and Obama. Romney has a significant size advantage, but Obama is deceptively quick. Maybe if we put them in the octagon they could get this settled.

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I’m going to liken this with roulette, I always bet on black!

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This is an easy question: Obama plays competitive basketball often and by most accounts does not fuck around.

Romney, owing to a car accident in France, has a serious weak spot somewhere on his chin or something and for that reason by one account I remember reading could not even win a wrestling match with his own damn kids.

Plus if you look at the way Romney whines and bitches when people challenge him. “Candy, Candy, Candy,” he pleaded when Obama spoke over his time limit. I honestly think that if someone punched Romney in the face he would roll up into a ball and throw a bawling temper tantrum.

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Romney if he has a pack of prep school boys and sharp scissors with him.

Otherwise he cries in the corner in a fetal ball until his wife takes over.

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@Qingu said it perfectly.

Unless, of course the underwear actually IS magical. But it’s not.

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Two men enter, one man leave!

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Romney played true to form when bullying Obama last night about his pension. Romney has a history of being a bully, having cut off a gay kids hair in high school. You know what happens when bullies get hit. All Obama has to do is stand up to him and get in one punch, and Romney will crumble.

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I hate the idea of the winner of a violent conflict ruling our land—even in gest.

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Seriously? In my fantasy world (D&D universe), if one wishes to depose the regent of the Elven lands, he has to challenge him to a no holds-barred fight to the death, mano a mano (or womano).

Of course, the gods actually intervene in my fantasy universe, so maybe it’s not that great a comparison.

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Hahaha! Obama, hands down. But you’d have to work pretty hard to convince him to get in the ring. Actually, the same is probably true of Romney, but for different reasons.

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@marinelife Umm… you realize that’s how America was founded, right?

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Hell, our country’s theme song is a war ballad.

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Byden vs Ryan would be an unfair match We would have to make that a tag team match.

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@glacial The revolution is a different issue. The founding fathers did not want violent succession. That is why an electoral process and voting process is so clearly spelled out.

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I’ll go with the guy who wears a superhero outfit under his suit.

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Or simply check out this clear rendition of the Romney-Ryan tax plan. It explains everything and is a non-violent solution.

(jest not gest)

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Obama smokes, but is 14 years younger than Romney.
In the words of Frank Drebin: All I know is never bet on the white guy.

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Well, there is this. If you believe that a Peruvian Shaman under the influence of DMT has great predictive powers, Obama will win.

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Obama probably has the quickness factor working for him. Romney’s fitness factor is a big question mark. He may derive superhuman strength from the magic underwear. The longer the match goes on favors Romney because of Obama being a smoker. Then, we feed them both DMT just so we can post it on Youtube.

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