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If you could pick two (us) presidents from any era for a televised debate, who would you choose & why?

Asked by ucme (45343points) October 17th, 2012

Just for fun, maybe Lincoln vs FDR, or how about Reagan vs JFK?
Which pairing would “square off” best?

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Lincoln vs. FDR would be good.

I’d like to see Thomas Jefferson vs. Ronald Reagan. I believe the man who wrote the Declaration of Independence could easily hand Reagan his ass in such a setting.

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Jimmy Carter vs Theodore Roosevelt.
“Big Teddy” would have “Jim Boy” spitting peanuts out of his arsehole.

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I guess I would start by limiting the choices to “living” presidents. Even Obama could win a debate with (most) dead presidents.

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Andrew Shepherd vs Thomas J. Whitmore :D

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@WillWorkForChocolate President Beck would kick both their asses.

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Abraham Lincoln and Mitt Romney because I’m not too keen on Mitt.

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Are you looking for a good debate from them, or a one sided match up?

I have a hard time keeping Lincoln of any pairing. He was known as the Great Debator for a reason.

Up against him though, could really be any number of guys. Clinton, Reagan, Kennedy, FDR, Teddy, Jackson… all would be astute competition. I would leave off a few surprising names though. Jefferson for example, was known to be a terrible public speaker.

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Just to be contrary, Millard Fillmore vs. “Silent Cal” Coolidge.

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@tedd And Lincoln wasn’t afraid to back up his opinions physically. If it got too bad, we could watch The Great Debater kick the ever-loving crap out of whoever he was opposing. Call me barbaric, but that would be awesome to see. I can just imagine Lincoln smacking Dubya upside the head for his “I don’t think atheists should be considered citizens” line. And it makes me smile.

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I would stack President Dave against any fictional president that @WillWorkForChocolate wants to name. And Sigourney Weaver against any real or fictional First Lady, too.

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@CWOTUS You’re on. Jed Bartlet!

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Jack Nicholson & Glenn Close.

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Glenn Close was only a VeeP.

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I’d rather see Jackson and Teddy Roosevelt in a dual.

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@uberbatman Just copy and paste their faces onto Anakin and Obi-Wan for the fight scene at the end of Revenge of the Sith. Pretty much the same thing.

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@filmfann No, she was the first lady in Mars Attacks alongside Nicholson’s president.

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@ucme She was also the VeeP in Air Force One.

Oh, I see… You were answering @CWOTUS ‘s comment about Pres and 1st Lady. Sorry.

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