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Why do my new car brakes creak/squeak?

Asked by trypaw (332points) October 17th, 2012

Pardon all my car questions but I am really just trying to learn more about cars because I am a young female and I do not want to get ripped off again at auto places anymore.

So about a month ago I had new front brake pads (ceramic) and new rotors installed on my car. For a couple weeks now when I am coming to a complete stop my front brakes (drivers side especially) creak as I’m almost stopped. (ESPECIALLY downhill but not always it can be on a flat surface as well just less loud) They only “squeak” however when I do a super hard stop. I am concerned mostly on the “creaking” The creak only happens when my brakes are cold. If my car has been running for awhile my brakes no longer make any sound. (no creaks nothing) I had this checked out by the place that did my breaks they said they couldn’t hear it (yeah because my car was warmed up) but they took my brakes apart and inspected them and found no problems so they re-lubed my drivers side and off I went. Well it still makes this sound, and as far as I’m concerned brakes aren’t supposed to make any sound. They tell me its fine but I really don’t want to be damaging another component if its not fine. What do you guys think it could be?
Also as a side question my lower ball joint on my drivers side the boot is ripped but the ball joint still functions fine (my wheel turns fine no bad symptoms etc) what do you think about that? They also told me the ball joint was fine with the boot ripped. Just looking for opinions. Thanks!

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The new brakes, since they did away with asbestos tend to squeak more. If you here a clicking or even worse a grinding type noise get to the garage ASAP. Try not to do super hard stops, the new brakes don’t disappate heat as well as the old style. And don’t ride the brakes if you can. I would also be concerned about the ripped boot. I’m in the Northeast and the salt is hell on cars.

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@Adirondackwannabe now if I hear a clicking or grinding what would that be a indication of? Just so I know.

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The clicking is the wear monitor. If it clicks the pads are worn down. They are ready for replacement. If it grinds it means the pads are worn out. That’s really bad.

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@Adirondackwannabe oh ok. Well they were just replaced about a month ago so they shouldn’t be wearing down that fast and I checked the yesterday. They look fine just weird noises.

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What happens is the material they use for the pads gets hot spots, they get hard, and then they squeak for a bit. If the pads are okay it’s just annoying.

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When my daughter put in her new brakes, she had the same problem and they took very little pressure to stop. She had to take it back in to have them adjusted a little. If she slightly touched them, her car would come to a complete stop and squeal. They worked better after the adjustment. Just take it back to where you had the job done. They shouldn’t charge you for adjusting them.

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Very typical, especially with new rotors. They probably didn’t feel like they were “braking” as well as before too?

They’re wearing in. As @Adirondackwannabe pointed out, only concern is the grinding or clicking sounds, or if it doesn’t go away within a month or so (regular driving assumed).

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This happens to my minivan every time I get the brake pads and calipers replaced with generic parts rather than Honda brand. I’ve been told it isn’t dangerous, though (thanks for the explanation of what’s happening, @Adirondackwannabe), and it doesn’t bother me enough to spend the extra money, so I just let them squeak. And I get to play a little game every time I come to a stop, to get it done silently.

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