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Do you remember Silvia Kristel and her contribution to cinema? Alas, she died today.

Asked by elbanditoroso (32049points) October 18th, 2012

She was the star and whole series of the soft-core porn Emmanuelle movies, starting around 1974. News stories about her are saying that as many as 350–400 million people around the world saw her films – not bad for her genre and the times (almost 40 years ago).

As a college student at that time, I remember fondly when the university showed these at “Movie Night”. Does anyone else think fondly of Silvia Kristel?

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Oh crap, I remember her. What did she die of? Those might have been the first breasts I saw growing up.

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I do not. Who is she?

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^^ Read the details of the question.

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@Adirondackwannabe – she was a heavy smoker and died of lung and esophageal cancer

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I guess that is why she only did soft core porn.
If she gave anyone actual head, the phallus would end up covered in tar.

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The star of the Emmanuelle films, many a teenage wank was had….RIP.

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She was a really hot chick in Private Lessons. Another thing I loved about that movie was the song September by Earth, Wind and Fire. I think I’ll do a commemorative wanking tonite! Lol.

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RIP Sylvia Kristel…she was a great actress!

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I do. She was the lead actress in the first porn film I ever saw (aged 13! Thanks to my first boss). RIP Ms Kristel.

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Depends what you mean by “fondly”!

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Fondly, like – warmly, with compassion

Not “fondle”...

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