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What is it about the Facebook game Mafia Wars that seems to inspire such a cult following?

Asked by jca (36059points) October 18th, 2012

I have a friend on Facebook who plays Mafia Wars, and I see from his friends that there are people and clubs all devoted to Mafia Wars. I am not even clicking on it, as I heard that FB games are a way to get viruses, but I am very curious what it is about Mafia Wars that seems to inspire this cult following.

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Same thing about dumb ass time wasting games like Farm Ville. People have nothing better to do and would rather sit in front of a computer and get addicted to games like those or “POT FARM” than go take a hike in the fuckin beautiful fall weather. Gross.

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OMG! I dumped FB almost 2 years ago and it drove me f—king nuts constantly getting invites for Farmville and Mafia Wars. Two, now ex, friends/aquaintences who were in their 50’s were obsessed with these stupid games. Jesus, get a life! lol

Seriously @deni !

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Its not even that fun of a game, I played it a bit to see what it was all about, but its just really repeatitive and kinda boring. (then again as @deni people got hooked on farmville which was SUPER BORING)

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@uberbatman Well clearly it doesn’t take much to amuse some simpletons. lol

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@Coloma fair enough lol Ohhhhh shiny

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@uberbatman Wanna come over and see Mr. Toad? ;-p

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