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What is the worst thing you have tasted?

Asked by playthebanjo (2944points) June 5th, 2008

what was it like?

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Sorry to all the Aussies and/or Kiwis here: vegemite. God, that really must be an acquired taste or something. What was it like? Bad eggs, or something equally as foul.

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I think it’s a tie between squid and oysters. Although I actually quite like sea-food in general.

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zucchini pie…my mom used to make it like once a week when I was younger and it was terrible and of course we had to eat it because that was what was for dinner

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I wonder if Zucchini Pie is worse than Mooseturd Pie


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The agony of defeat

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What about Rocky Mountain Oysters? People say those are a delicacy, but I beg to differ.

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Boiled okra, complete with inherent slime and hair.

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you are correct…fried okra is much better

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I lived in France many years ago and was a pretty adventurous eater. I had many wonderful things, of course, but two were just awful:

Andouillettes, sausages made from a pig’s small intestine, are a very popular regional specialty, but to me they tasted kind of like…well…the contents of the intestine.

Lapin de Garenne a wild rabbit, well aged. I liked domestic rabbit at the time (I’m vegetarian now), and was expecting a richer version of the same flavor, but no. That was my first introduction to “gamey” flavor. Couldn’t begin to describe it. Poor rabbit.

Since being vegetarian, the worst thing I’ve had to face is durian, a fruit that’s wildly popular in SE Asia. The common description of durian is that it smells awful, but is really quite delicious. Well, maybe I got a bad one, but I’d describe the flavor as what you’d get if you pureed a pineapple with an onion, then let it ferment for a few days.

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@Harp: There must be a rash of bad durian, because the one I had tasted awful. It’s like onion custard!

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I don’t know what Rocky Mountain Oysters are like, but the oysters I tried were at a French person’s house, served fresh, had to scrape them loose from the shells – and when I did, it moved!!
It was like swallowing a slug and washing it down with a mouthful of sea water…..still makes me shiver to think about it!!

The squid was in Gran Canaria, served fried and I was 5 at the time, in bed with severe sunburn and fever, thought it was chips (fries) and was utterly disgusted when I bit in to it!!

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I would eat anything but liver. I know is a delicacy for a lot of people.

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@wildflower, et al who are unfamiliar with the turf-based Rocky Mountain oysters vs. the typical surf-based variety.

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Lima Beans & Liver

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creamed chipped beef on toast has the wrongest of textures

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Thank you, robman.

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MOXIE soda. Bleeeeeeeeeeeeck!

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Sounds similar to a certain delicacy served back in the Faroe Islands, called “white kidneys”. In Iceland it’s called HrĂștspungur
Note: do not read the linked article if you’re eating – or about to

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Horehound candy.

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Most people are alarmed by this but the worst taste I can remember is trying coffee when I was 4 or 5. It was the bitterest most repugnant taste ever.

I still hate coffee. It’s kind of weird to me that so many people love the taste of coffee and don’t even drink it for the caffeine.

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pork and fish… Any meat except chicken or beef. I eat alot of chicken.

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elchoop…then never, EVER try Moxie. It’s like black coffee on steroids and then some.

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Wait! Beer!

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My HS gf’s snatch before either of us understood what a yeast infection was.

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wow. Thanks for sharing that, kevbo.

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kevbo…you just ruined my appetite

And i’m eating mexican food tonight


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i love most seafood including sushi. but i despise raw oysters. people who eat raw oysters probably eat their own boogers. i dont like duck either. it taste kinda like liver. i do like liver though. weird huh?

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shitaki mushrooms… they have a nasty taste and are super chewy.

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kevbo I dont know what to say

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@les – I have eaten vegemite just about every day for my entire life, maybe it’s an acquired taste. and @Buster – I’m having raw oysters tonight.(cue: drooling sounds).

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Soda with artificial sweetener. Hate that stuff.

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I can’t say or they’ll flag me…. Wait, you’re probably talking about food. Never mind I already answered

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I got to drink Absinthe in the Czech Republic. Buzz was great but it was like drinking from a licorice gas pump…burning and intense!

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Female Trailer Trash.

Don’t ask for details…

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