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If Republicans are so worried about voter fraud, why do they not mention this? (See details)

Asked by jerv (31027points) October 20th, 2012

As we all know, various places have changed their voting laws to prevent voter fraud, and many Republicans endorse this move and deny any possibility of abuse. They also fail to mention that the Romney family owns the voting machines that will be used in some states.

So I want to know how it is that they can question the legitimacy of Obama’s birth certificate, yet not question the legitimacy of the 2012 election. Are they truly enemies of free and fair elections, are they just blinded by idealism, or is it something else?

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If you ask me the answer is YEP they are truly enemies of free and fair elections. Why else work so hard to diminish all things education so as to keep a public that is stupid and uninformed and then fill their sheeply heads full of fear mongering lies? Were they interested in fairness and freedom they’d release their attempts at control and just let the truth speak for itself. Not to say that the dems aren’t the same way in many respects considering it rarely matters the party a member of congress is from they are all still increasing their benefits and salaries while eroding the same for their constituents & taking pay offs from one corporation or another. With corporate America in their pockets and vice versa do you really believe there is such a thing as a free and fair election?

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I don’t think they are all enemies of fair elections, but I do think a portion of them are rather religious about believing however they get their guy in to do what is right is all that matters. I mean, the country is in dire trouble, we are straying from what God would want and all that matters is getting America back on the right path.

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You know they’re not worried about voter fraud, jerv. They are trying to eliminate as much of the Democratic demographic as possible by pushing through these new rules. The poor, the minorities and the young. But I get your point. I didn’t know the Romneys bought controlling shares in Hart Intercivic. This is blatant conflict of interest. The public’s interest. By no means should a candidate have ownership of voting machines used in their own election. This is absurd. If there are any true patriots left in the Republican party, they should be abandoning ship based on this one fact. The answer to the last part of your question is obvious. The Romney family and the GOP are definitely enemies of free and fair elections and the GOP has been for a long, long time.

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I think that roughly 90% of the voting eligible American citizens are unaware of most of the facts about the candidates that they are voting for.

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The thing is, are voters responsible for their votes? Or for not voting? Are they responsible for what their elected officials do? Is there much evidence that many voters care about the voter fraud legislation or about Romney buying the election?

Do you believe people get what they want? In other words, are they ignorant and happy about it? Are they ignorant and being fooled? Would they vote differently if not ignorant? If so, why do they remain ignorant?

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@JLeslie God would steal from the poor to give to the rich, and throw the Mexicans back across the Rio Grande? I’m glad I’m an Agnostic then; I wouldn’t want to follow a God like that!

@Espiritus_Corvus I cannot help but recall a fair number of quotes from “Boss” Tweed, such as, “Vote for whoever you want; so long as I count the votes, what are you going to do about it?”.

@say_what Sad, but true.

@wundayatta There are some people that would rather bitch than learn, or even listen. Ridding yourself of ignorance requires effort, and part of that effort is admitting that you may have been wrong about a few things. People do not like to admit that they are wrong, therefore they are not only content to remain ignorant, they are adamant about it.

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@jerv which is why I say that whoever gets elected, the voters got who they wanted. I may hate it with a passion, but I guess that means I hate half of the electorate with a passion, or maybe the people who could have educated themselves, but didn’t.

Fortunately, things never seem to get quite as bad as I think they will be. Or rather, not for me. I mean, for me personally, Romney probably wouldn’t be bad. He probably wouldn’t be good, either. In fact, neither candidate is probably going to pass policies that will affect me any differently.

But for poor people, it makes an enormous difference. Often, they seem to perceive their self-interest to be the opposite of what I think it would be. But hey, if they don’t want easier access to health care, and better programs to help them get jobs, it hurts me in only the most indirect ways. Shit! I don’t even care if the home mortgage deduction is eliminated. I own my home. I’m not likely to get another one. So tell me why I’m in favor of the guy who would keep the deduction, and would raise my taxes a bit? Or is that both of them?

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@wundayatta I am opposed to anybody who rigs an election, regardless of their policies.

FYI, we all called the state on our Southern border “Taxachusetts” for a reason ;)

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@jerv As you know: Only true nut-job kooks like Allen Keys are still talking about Obama’s birth certificate.

With the polls are trending in favor of Romney and the election is just 17 days away, it looks like voter fraud that favors Romney is the least of your worries.

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@gondwanalon Given the way the Electoral College is, I am not entirely sure that a popular lead will result in a victory. That doesn’t count the fact that the latest I’ve seen shows a reversal there; it seems like the second debate gave Obama a bounce. Either way, it’s a close race though. Possibly too close for polls to be meaningful.

This ties into my question from three weeks ago, and with the popular vote so close, and this sort of thing on top of other things that have happened this campaign season…. well, I think Bush v Gore was mild compared to what we are in for.

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Right wingers are the true enemies of free and fair elections. Just listen to what they accuse their opposition of. That’s a smokescreen to cover the fact they are deeply involved it tat.

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@jerv You make a frightening point with the electoral college. In certain swing states (like Ohio, Florida, New Hampshire), it wouldn’t take much voter fraud to influence the outcome of the presidential election. All you need is to get a few hundred ineligible people to vote. (For example: dead people, illegal aliens, felons, under aged people). Then, Botta Bing Botta Boom, the election is stolen.

I think that both Democrats and Republicans are likely involved in voter fraud and the side with the most diabolical treachery will prevail. That is unless they are caught in the act.

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@gondwanalon No matter which side wins, I don’t see the winner as being recognized as such. While outright civil war is unlikely, I see this election as quite divisive. It also shines a spotlight on the divide we have between those who cling to disproven theories, falsehoods, and a bigoted interpretation of God versus those of a more secular, fact-based persuasion.

These states may not be united for long.

BTW – Dec 12, 2012 isn’t far away :D

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Interestingly – a UN organization is set to monitor certain polling places and areas for sneakiness – I’d say that’s a good idea.

Between the purchase of voting machines, gerrymandering, billboards & other things geared to suppress & intimidate voters of color, the hiring of guys who are known to have participated in voter fraud…. the list goes on as to why someone needs to monitor this crap.

The only reason to cry & whine to try to not be monitored is because you have something to hide. A hit dog will holler as the saying goes & if folks aren’t doing anything wrong then they have nothing to worry about so why would they bitch about a little monitoring?

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Sneakiness. I love that.

Sounds so official. ~

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