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Are any of my fellow fluterites aware that Rick Santorum's wife had an abortion?

Asked by Linda_Owl (7728points) October 20th, 2012

He has made headlines by his stance against abortion. However, his wife had an abortion in order to save her life – here is the link

Does he not see that this is the reason that many abortions are done? It makes me wonder, does he treat his wife any differently now? Now that she has ‘violated’ his “ethical standards” of being totally AGAINST abortion?

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Please. I just assume that all of those holy rollers are hypocrites and liars. And I don’t really want to know her medical history.

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Yes, he apparently is a hypocrite. Are we starting the 2016 election already?

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I don’t see him as a real contender for the presidental office, so any of his rants or raves or standings or leanings do not matter to me. I do think his wife’s medical history is no one’s business.

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Medically speaking, what Karen Santorum had was not an abortion. So when she and her husband describe the procedure as merely the inducement of labor at a point in time when the fetus was unlikely to survive, they are completely correct. The problem is that Rick Santorum has apparently failed to see any inconsistency whatsoever between this piece of personal history and the fact that his wife could not have gotten her life-saving procedure under his proposed policies. That is where the hypocrisy in this story is to be found.

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I’m a Pennsylvanian who has endured a term of Santorum as our senator. He feels free to interfere with the lives of others and expects no scrutiny in his own.

Now that he has had a national campaign, the entire country has had the opportunity to see how severely lacking he is in his political and practical aptitude. I expect that he would have made a much better priest than politician. At least he doesn’t molest young boys.

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And now we Pennsylvanians have a chance to elect another right wing nut job: Tom Smith. Who has somehow come from way back to running ahead of Bob Casey, the incumbent, who is also against abortion. How do these things happen?

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Who the f*ck is Rick Santorum?

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@fremen_warrior Are you unable to click on the link in the OP? Is Google not working for you? How odd, then, that you can still respond to this question. In any case, Rick Santorum is a rabidly homophobic pseudo-Christian who recently ran for President of the United States of America.

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@SavoirFaire Telling anybody to Google “Santorum” is risky, though possibly less so if prefaced with “Rick”.

I expect this sort of double standard, and it is why I cannot take the GOP seriously any more; they allowed this sort of shit to flourish and take over their party.

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I hear he has penal warts, he should book himself into a Prick Sanatorium without further delay.

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@jerv I know. See the links in my previous comment. They’ve dropped off the first page of Google results for the time being, though. In any case, I think that @fremen_warrior would have gotten the picture regarding Santorum even if he had wound up at one of the more “embarrassing” sites.

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@SavoirFaire ok that was my attempt at sarcasm, i.e. “he’s just another nobody, so why talk about the wife of a nobody as if she were important”. Following the rule that a joke is funny as long as you don’t need to explain it, I either need to sharpen my wit or switch to a sharper audience.

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@fremen_warrior Alternatively, you could use the tilde convention. But jokes like yours tend to fall flat when you have a reputation for complaining about Americans discussing America.

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@SavoirFaire tilde it is; on another note: fremen_warrior, the relentless American basher – I like that xD

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