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What is your favourite free pleasure in life?

Asked by downtide (23468points) October 20th, 2012

What brings you joy without any financial cost? For me, it’s taking a walk in the countryside with my dog (as long as it’s not raining).

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Sitting on a creek bank with a campfire on a Fall evening.

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Reloshing the gifts of books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, and CDs from our public library.

Selling tickets at the box office of the local movie theater for the bi-monthly Sunday afternoon indie films.

Hanging around the post office and socializing.

Hanging around my beautiful property at anytime and under any circumstances. Early (3:00 am) before dawn on Sunday I will sit on my deck and look for the Orionid meteors.

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Just living where I do, on 5 acres of pastoral serenity surrounded by horses and sheep and deer and every other wild thing known to north american man.
Just now I had a young, goofy pronged Blacktail buck eating acorns from a pile I raked by the goose corral. It was so cute, the deer crunching acorns 6 inches away from my goose Marwyn who is enjoying his morning swimming constitution.

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Hiking trails.

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Feeling the wind on my face on a beautiful day like today.

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Feasting my eyes on insanely well-built women. Almost makes me believe God does exist.

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The sky, ever changing and frequently glorious.

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The beauty of nature – just the simple thought of it soothes me like nothing else.

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I gotta’ tell you, being in bed with a side dish of sex is right near the top of my list of free pleasures.

I also like sleeping in my tent in the woods….
….side dish of sex – optional.

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I’ll have what he’s ^ having…lol

There’s too many…. I can’t pick just one favorite.

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Well come on out to the micro-farm and pitch a tent, I can’t promise you sex but I can promise you a happy nature ending. lololol
Shit..I need a farm hand right now to help me winterize the zone and my stable of studly help is all out to pasture this weekend. Clean my barn and rain gutters, move my deck furniture into the garage and dump my piles of leaves and acorns and manure shavings and I’ll make you an excellent dinner and take you on the local wine tour. haha

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Spell-check strikes again. Not “reloshing” but “relishing”...

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@gailcalled Marwyn “reloshes”.
He re-sloshes in previously sloshed puddles. ;-p

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Relaxing with my feet up, in my very comfortable bed.

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Playing with titties, they really are quite remarkable.

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@Coloma That is quite a tempting offer. We can call it a “pleasant” ending. Smiling but not sweaty.

My winter to do list is similar:
I have to move the wood racks from the back of the barn to house and move the split wood that is ready for this year. I’ve been burning leaves but half of them are still on the trees so I’m not doing my rain gutters yet. I have to take the mover deck off the tractor and winterize it so it is ready for spring. And there are several bottles of wine left over from a big party I had here last month that need to be tested and finished. A man’s work is never done.

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Cycling around Loch Lomond is always delightful. The mountains and the water and the beauty are without price.

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@LuckyGuy haha, no rest for us country mice, always something else to be gnawed away at. :-)

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sleeping…right next to a window with a cool breeze coming in and the crickets chirping

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