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What do you think of the Salt Lake Tribune's recent endorsement of Obama?

Asked by gailcalled (54443points) October 20th, 2012

Here’s one of many links. It is the biggest newspaper in the state. Will this change anything? How?

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Not much. Most of my friends in Utah put more faith in the Deseret news than the Salt Lake Tribune.

The SLT is owned by MediaNews group out of Denver and San Francisco, and the editorial staff reflects this.

The Tennessean endorsing Romney is a bigger shock, but it won’t have much influence either. They have not endorsed a Republican since 1972.

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I do not care about endorsements.

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SLT also endorsed Senator Obama in 2008 so it is not entirely unexpected.

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I don’t agree with @ragingloli . On local candidates, about whom I know nothing, I look to the endorsements for guidance. I recognize people whose views I have known for many years and vote with them.
I suspect there other people, who haven’t had the time or inspiration to do their homework, who vote with a newspaper with whom they have agreed.

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I think it funny, in the same way I find humour in the fact that Romney is trailing badly in MA, a state where he allegedly did so much good, and that elected Scott Brown (a Republican) to Congress. Say what you will, MA isn’t as “Blue” as many hardcore Republicans would make you think. However, I don’t think it will really affect anything, other than giving comedians more material for their act.

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As someone who works in, and is familiar with, Salt Lake City, I would be surprised if the Salt Lake Tribune didn’t endorse Obama.

Salt Lake City is the most left-leaning city in the state. Salt Lake has had a Democrat as mayor since 1976. Take a look at the way the congressional districts are split up. Each takes a section of Salt Lake and counterbalances it with a large rural section. Why? An attempt to make sure the Republicans outweigh the Salt Lake Democrats. Even then, Jim Matheson (D) has represented the 2nd district since 2001.

I don’t think it is particularly significant.

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It’s par for the course for the Salt Lake Tribune. Neither it, nor its rival the Deseret News actually tells the news as truth, but they each put their slant on anything they print.

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