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How to create an Apple app without any computer or coding knowledge?

Asked by AshlynM (9457points) October 20th, 2012

I heard this is possible, but what is a good program to download that can help you with this?

I’ve heard of Game Salad but you need to have an iOS developer account to have Game viewer, not sure what that is, I think the ability to actually test your app.

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You can register as an Apple developer and you will get access to a lot of tutorials. There you can download XCode (for free) which is the program to develop apps, you can also test your apps on your computer.
Many games are created with the extension cocos2d (for example Tiny Wings).

I don’t know Game Salad, it looks interesting, but Apples Guidelines are strict and in order to invent a great app I think it’s necessary to know some basics. But in my mind the simple games are the best!

If you finally want to run your app on your iPhone, etc. you need a paid Developer Program which costs 99$ a year it allows you also to submit your apps into the App Store.

There is also this website which gives some great examples to try out.

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What are you trying to make? A game? A serious app? for the Mac? iOS?

As @1stein correctly points out, you’re going to need to learn to code to do much of anything useful. One exception is Taplynx which is a toolkit for building a custom news-feed style app where you can post articles from your blog or elsewhere and they will appear in a list in your custom app. You can create your own skins to make it look/feel like a unique app.

OS X and iOS run on the Cocoa, and the CocoaTouch frameworks respectively. They are written in Objective-C which is a strict superset of regular C (i.e. all valid C is also valid Objective-C). I never took programming in school and taught myself Objective-C/Cocoa programming from scratch. There is a lot to learn (you’re never really done learning btw) and it’s going to take a lot of time and energy to get there. It’s taken me several years for things to really click, and I’m by no means an expert.

The two books I would suggest is Programming in Objective-C by Kochan, and either Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X if you’re interested in coding on the Mac, or IOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide for iOS development.

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I want to make a game for ios.

I was thinking there had to be a program out there that had all the code built into the software already.

I guess if I wanted to make a stellar app, I need to know a little basic progamming.

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@AshlynM If you want to make a stellar app, you’re going to need be a stellar programmer. To make an ok app, you can get by with just basic coding skills, but that will still take a lot of time, dedication and hard work. Other than the art assets, games ARE the code, so if it was already “built in” what would you be adding?

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