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If someone dressed as you for a costume party, would you be embarrassed or amused?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23098points) October 20th, 2012

At a costume party last night, my husband’s friend showed up dressed as me. It was funny, yet really embarrassing.

How would feel if this happened to you?

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I’d be initially curious. Then pleased.

Salt and pepper wild hair, granny glasses and scratch marks on both arms..a cheap costume.

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I’d probably want someone to call the cops, so they can check his house for walls covered in news paper cut-outs, and things made out of human skin.

I’m not famous or anything, so if he/she was not a flesh peeling maniac, I would have to assume it is mockery, as it suggests I have some kind of easy to recognize comedic attribute or something.

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I’d be amused. I love zany, creative and out there personalities.
I once dressed my ex husband up as a woman, replete with size 10 pumps, short shorts with fishnet stockings, long curly wig, giant bazookas in his bra. It was a “come as the opposite sex costume party” and he won ” best legs and I won ” best dressed man.”
I dressed up with a neighbors telephone lineman gear, with a big stuffed belly, blonde moustache, hardhat, tool belt, boots and a big sock roll in my jeans. lol

I was the short little guy with the tall sexy “woman”. haha

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Did you know the person. Did they know you would be there. Did you ask why.

I think if I couldn’t think of a valid reason for them to do it. I.e. as a joke work party etc I would be annoyed.
Did they play you well?

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I once dressed as a friend of mine for Halloween. The costume was so good I fooled two friends I had that I was the other guy.
When my friend John found out, he was a bit put off by it, but I didn’t do it out of meanness, or in a mean way. He could see that, and after a few harsh remarks, let it go.

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I would be amused and honored. It would probably be a guy with huge balloon’s under his shirt going around saying Okey dokey all the time.

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I would be very amused lol

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Depends on whether my good or bad attributes had been highlighted… :D

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I’d compliment them on their great taste & stunning, rugged good looks.

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Was your husband’s friend a guy or a gal? It matters.

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I don’t think I’d think it was a costume and certainly not of me. I’d just think the person had decided not to wear a costume.

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I’d tell them that they are quite mad but I would be amused – maybe entirely freaked out more than anything else. It would be just too weird.

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I would be shocked and very concerned for the person who was dressed that way.

Oh wait. Um. How could you actually tell if someone was dressed as me? I wear that man uniform. Jeans and Ts. There’s no way of dressing like me without dressing like 80% of all American men.

Once a friend of mine used to go to Cons dressed as Generic Man. But even Generic Man had a costume. I am a generic man—absolutely styleless.

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No one dresses that badly. I’d be embarrassed for them.

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It happened to me but I wasn’t embarrassed.

The masquerader was Marilyn Monroe.

She was wearing a temporary transplant of a head that looked like mine, but she got all the attention because for some reason, everyone except me was too distracted to notice the resemblance. ;-)

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It would probably make me horny.

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@Symbeline, you narcissist. ~

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You know it.

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I would be flattered. Their other choices are this, this or this.

Sexy blonde ftw. :D

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Love the condiments couple. :D

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I’d probably think it was funny, although if they exaggerated one of my worst features, I might be hurt. I have a pretty prominent over-bite, and I can just picture something like this.

A couple of years ago, one of my step-son’s friends came to their Halloween party dressed as my step-son. It was pretty comical, and step-son got a kick out of it.

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I’d be very amused!

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Milo here: Copy that

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I bet that @Symbeline wouldn’t be the only horny one in that room of two @Symbeline.‘s

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@woodcutter It was a guy. I’ve recently dyed my hair purple, so he wore a purple wig, wore a Team Edward shirt (from Twilight), and carried a Harry Potter book. It was simultaneously humiliating and funny, especially since he has a goatee.

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