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Can I bring liquids, like contact solutions onto an international flight going to the U.S. yet?

Asked by osakarob (1304points) July 1st, 2007

I'll be traveling to the US this week from Asia. Haven't flown since last year. Last time, I wasn't able to carry on any liquids including contact solutions, etc. Has that policy changed yet for flights entering the U.S?

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My experience has been that sometimes it is a problem to find the mini-bottles of contact lens solution that are under 3 ounces..sometimes you can't find them in stores. But--many optometrists or opthamologists have these mini-bottles that they give away as free samples, so check with your doctor and they might be able to give you the right size for free.

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You can bring it into the US if it’s in a container 3 oz or smaller….I usually buy small containers at the pharmacy and put whatever liquid items I need into those. You then have to put the 3oz bottles in a clear ziplock bag. When you go through security at the airport, you will need to take this ziplock bag out of your carry on luggage and put it through the x ray machine separately.

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