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Do you have any funny auto correct text message moments?

Asked by AshlynM (9277points) October 21st, 2012

I have heard about the famous auto correct on iPhone that causes people to inadvertently type something and send it without realizing what they are sending, as seen here.

Has this ever happened to you and what was the other person’s reaction? I don’t have an iPhone or Android so I wouldn’t mind hearing other peoples’ experiences with this.

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Auto-Correct once called me a Corksacker for trying to change it’s suggestion of 8-ball for the regular old number 8.

note to self: quit texting coke dealers

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I so hate it when I send ‘Go duck yourself’

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That was GREAT @AshlynM! I laughed so hard! Thanks for sharing!

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Thise were great @AshlynM . I also like They have some funny ones.
Since I often use my iPhone to fluther, some of my worst auto correct mistakes have been here.

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Man, I can’t see the video. Says it’s currently unavailable. :(

@Dog mostly used her iPhone to moderate on Fluther, and once when she was IMing with me, her phone auto-corrected something perfectly normal into “girly lariats”.

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I’ve had my iPhone for about two days now, and the only time it autocorrected something wrong was when I was saying “soooo” and it changed to “soil”.
Not really screen shot worthy, but I was excited about my first autocorrect mistake! :)

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In congratulating a colleague, I typed “Yippee!” on my iPhone. It came out “Tupperware” on the other side. That’s our new congratulatory term now.

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Cherries masturbating?!.....hmmm….well…me and my gf just died. It was hilarious. Thanks for the giggles @AshlynM

There’s a damnyouautocorrect app for Windows Phone too. I have it but I’m gonna check out the site to see how much better I suspect it will be.

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When looking at an online article about Ambassador Bolton on his phone a couple of weeks ago, my friend received the information about “A bastard John Bolton”.

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