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What are you craving right now?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9824points) October 21st, 2012

Give me a big, juicy hamburger, please. With all da fixins’!

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A blow job would be awesome. :)

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Rest. I’m taking a mental health day because I think I might go spare otherwise. You’re not supposed to take time occasionally to be human in a PhD program, but I find that I have to cheat sometimes.

I’m going to eat a leisurely lunch of tacos, then go for a drive in the sun and go grocery shopping. Then maybe take a nap, and do some work in the evening if I bloody well feel like it!

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Company. Feeling alone today and not coping well with it.

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I’d really like a full body massage.

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saving the shake for The Walking Dead and Dexter tonight. settling on beer and resin for the game. 27–13 Green Bay. 2:59 left in the 4th. Rams have the ball on their own 30.

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Several things:

Snow I live in Socal and haven’t been in the snow in about 5 years. I wouldn’t want to live where it snows, but I like to frolic in the snow at least once a year, up in the mountains amongst the pines and squirrels and blue jays and woodpeckers. I can just hear the crunch crunch crunch of the snow beneath my boots and the soft whirrrrrr of the wind blowing through the trees.

Potato Tacos If you’ve never had a potato taco, you’re missing out. Being a vegetarian, I used to miss regular tacos until I discovered that some places make killer tacos filled with crispy potatoes, lettuce, cheese and salsa. Deep fried heaven.

Sherlock and Downton Abbey Two great British TV series that I fell in love with. Both of them are still on hiatus.

Low Gas Prices I don’t dare go anywhere except to work and back. I can’t afford to socialize with friends or go out on a photo safari. These gas prices are cramping my style.

Indian Food Haven’t had any aloo gobi or palak paneer in a very long time.

Foot Massage Lately I’ve been having aching feet coupled with a bout of arthritis in my pinky toe. I wonder if Alan Rickman gives foot massages ; – P

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To see a well-muscled 20 year old male walk up my driveway with a chain saw under his arm and three free hours.

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Someone to clean the pheasants and the duck I shot today.

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I can happily say that, right at this moment, I crave absolutely nothing! :)

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Another vidya game to push my GTX480 rig.

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I’m craving mamacakes.

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Sleep! Goodnight all.

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A real vacation, as in traveling somewhere new and exciting. Haven’t been able to afford anything like this in a long time.

A different job. The one I’m in is a dead-end job, and unsatisfying to boot.

Energy. Just had a rather exhausting week, and feeling like a zombie. This is one I’m most likely to make happen, though. :)

Ok, thanks for the opportunity to vent. Back to a more positive outlook… :)

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Sleep. I jogged 17 miles yesterday and 10 today and I’m dreading going to work tomorrow so much so that I’ll likely get little sleep. No rest for the weary/wicked. HA!

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My savings account from 2006 with the interest rate direct deposited into my checking acct. every month. Oh well..easy come, easy go…anyone want to buy my farm? Fuck!
On an up note, I just learned that my smoke detectors are in fine working order while I burned my dinner while calling on a jury duty notice for tomorrow. Great, my group was cancelled, my dinner is toast. I am SO FUCKING PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW! lol

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@Coloma Here, have a brownie. :)

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@Mama_Cakes Thank you, I could use one. haha

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@Coloma I’m craving inner peace for you.

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I am really jonesing for a hot pretzel with brown mustard.

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Could do with a meatball sub with all the salad and about 4 different types of sauce!

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@Adirondackwannabe Peace restored, but man…one of those moments….grrr!

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I’m craving a taste of something from the Middle or Far East.

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@Adirondackwannabe A genie in a bottle?
Make a wish for me, I wish to never burn my dinner and be surrounded by shrieking smoke detectors ever again. Head explosion to the 10th power. lol

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Grey’s Anatomy. It’s my newest addiction.

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@Leanne1986 Somehow my mother has really gotten into the show. She is a pediatrician and knows it is the farthest thing from fact.

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Glogg, but the non-alcoholic type
Holidays, today was the first day of school after 3 gorgeous weeks of freedom
Being held, because I’m cold
A new, good book, because I haven’t read one in months
The sun, because winter’s coming and I haven’t filled up on summer yet

….......Did I mention being held?

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Tonight it’s Moose Tracks ice cream with a bit of chocolate syrup.

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Just had a steaming bowl of tomato soup with cheese and crackers. Mmmm good on this stormy evening. Too cold for ice cream but I do have some Hagan Daaz Coconut Macaroon in the frizzer if I change my mind.

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@Coloma I make a grilled cheese sandwich that would rock your world and go so well with that soup.

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it feels like to be a historian, you get to have none at all!

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@Adirondackwannabe Oooh, you had me at “grilled cheese”
Notice I am back to my happy self tonight? Kinda hard to burn tomato soup, but it could be done I suppose. haha

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@Coloma: I’ve done it. On a hotplate in Paris, haha.

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@bookish1 LOL…well, then…eat pastries! ;-)
Eclairs for dinner, that works!

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Follow the @janbb diet; for every 4.5 miles you walk, you get one hot fudge sundae.

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@bookish1 I wish you a nice long weekend filled with aloo gobi, palak paneer and bharta and samosas with coconut chutney : )

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@Fred931 Maybe that’s the reason why she enjoys it so much!

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@Coloma: Oh, I did that too…. Believe me. But most nights, my dinner was beer and peanuts in the oldest gay bar in town. It was worth it.

@Kardamom : Thank you. That sounds lovely. There’s a wonderful place around here where I can actually get idlis and sambar, though, which is more appealing to me ;)

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