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Halloween question no. 666 - How would you design your own haunted house or scary warehouse?

Asked by mazingerz88 (18967points) October 21st, 2012

It does not have to be a house or a warehouse. An airport would do or a movie house. Or a ship. Up to you. But how would you give horror fans a real terrifying treat this Halloween 2012 if you have money like Bill Gates or the late Steve Jobs-?

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I love spooky old houses so they are best, but maybe I would try to be a little different. A gloomy apartment with gloomy views. Modern but dark. It’s a great question, I obviously would not do well as a movie director!!

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Well, A-Number-One, no one present would be aware they were entering a haunted house. It would probably be a restaurant. People are nice and calm when they’re eating good food. Then, sometime around when people are deciding whether or not to order dessert, there’s a power outage. Now the place is only lit by the candles on the table.

And then, well, I guess it would really depend on the layout of the restaurant. But it’s not going to be all Scream-Guy and Zombies… I think an evil ROOM is far more scary. First a soft, innocent-sounding song starts coming out of nowhere, then walls are falling down, steps disappearing as you’re scrambling to find a way out, open the door and the passage is bricked up… THEN introduce the crazed zombie-chef. But he won’t be carrying a knife, he’ll be offering soup. Cannibal soup.

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A ware house filled with tentacle rape machines.

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An AIRPORT?? lmao bro XD

I’d love to make a Silent Hill theme building, or a small part of some abandoned town. Silent Hill is a video game where you travel to the town of Silent Hill. It’s desolate, save for shambling monstrosities that try to rape you all day, and scalp your face off.
It would be fun and feasible, because in the games the town is, at first sight, just really run down and abandoned. I wouldn’t need much imagination to make it look like one of the towns from the games, (lots of games, with different looking towns, although they’re supposed to all be the same town) assuming I can find a setting that more or less resembles one of the game settings. (based on the old parts of Chicago, I hear tell)
I’d need stuff like wheelchairs and gurneys to scatter around, preferably older ones from the late seventies. I’d have to have monsters too, I guess guys in costumes or something. They wouldn’t hurt you for real of course, but I’d like to make the costumes disturbing enough that it would creep you out.
It would probably be easier just to do one building…the idea here would be to make it seem like you’re really in the town, and as I say, the way it looks, I think I could freak out a few fans.

The games do have an alternate universe, where everything changes…walls, ceilings and floors turn to rusted metal, the monsters get stronger, everything gets darker, caged corpses hanging around…not sure how I’d manage that, but the ’‘ordinary’’ town I think would be fun enough to make. I could do either one…if I had money and resources…but no idea how the hell I’d achieve the transition from normal town to hyper evil town and all.

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The World as it stands is pretty apt.

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I’ve been to a couple events that made me sign a waiver before I was permitted to enter. That’s always a good way to start things in my opinion. Personally, I enjoyed my first “sign this first” encounter best and would just try to replicate what made it so effective. It wasn’t a haunted house, but an art installation called Dead House Ur. The installation was supposed to be a replica of the artist’s grandmother’s house, though it was assembled in different ways and with different parts opened and closed depending on where it was shown. AND IT WAS CREEPY.

They would only let a handful of people in at a time so you were basically exploring the place on your own and occasionally crossing paths with other visitors. Most of the place was pitch black with slanted floors and strangely placed steps. Your first step in was an uncomfortably long step down and you really had to move carefully since you couldn’t see what irregularities lay in your path much of the time. There was one bit where you could step through an unfinished wall, but to do so you had to use a rope to bridge the gap. There was no floor in that space that I could reach and the lack of light made the unknown distance between my foot and the floor terrifying.

Not all of it was so dark. Some of it was almost normal. There was a well worn hallway you could imagine finding in a old city residence, but that was really it. There was a seemingly empty room with a secret room and the only properly furnished room seemed to be sound proof. You found it behind a heavy metal door, eight inches thick. No one I was with had the guts to close that door while they were in the room.

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