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Your dinner party guests would be?

Asked by TheProfoundPorcupine (2549points) October 22nd, 2012

This may indeed have been done before, but anyway no harm in asking again.

You have set up a dinner party and you have three empty chairs left to fill. Who would you like to have there and why (they can be living or dead)?

For me I would like to have Stephen Fry (actor, writer, tv host and a guy with the most amazing knowledge and wit) because the stories and conversation would be amazing. I would also invite Sir Alex Ferguson (Manchester United manager) so I could talk about football (soccer), and finally I would probably invite Nelson Mandela to talk about not giving up and how to fight for a cause plus he seems to have an aura about him as well.

So how about you?

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Great question! I’d invite Nelson Mandela, since he is a leader of peace and I could look at his smile all night. Then I’d have my mother and father (my mother could sit on my fathers lap so it is technically one chair!!). Just so I could catch up and say good bye properly. As they are deceased. And finally Freud, so we could play mind games with each other over desert!

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My grandmother, my brother, and Bill Cosby.
My grandmother is dead but she was absolutely charming.
My brother lives across the country and I haven’t seen him for a long time. He’s very funny himself.
And Bill Cosby because we could talk about being kids and education and we’d all appreciate our similar senses of humor.
It’s the other already filled chairs that would worry me.

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Agatha Christie
My real mother (never met her)
Paul Rudd

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Guests for dinner? Hmmm. Lobster. Lobster. And….. ok, I’m boring…. lobster.

We are having guests for dinner, right?

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Frank Lloyd Wright, Jimmy Page, and Jim Henson

…because I admire all their work and have a million questions.

Runners Up: Jacques Cousteau, Julia Child, HR Geiger, Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Carl Yastremski, Carlton Fisk, Rembrandt Van Rin… there’s simply too many. Can we rent a hall?

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The Ninja Turtles.

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@cookieman Frank Lloyd Wright, Jimmy Page, Jim Henson… Unusual/interesting combination of characters, what do you imagine the conversation would be about?

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Chopin, Ellen Degeneres, and Bentley Little ( book author)

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Bob and Carol and Alice (Never did like Ted).

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George Carlin for his humor.
Eddie Vedder for his voice.
Bill Clinton for his stories.

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@jonsblond Clinton eh? Talk about a mouthful xD

I’d invite the following three:

1) Morihei Ueshiba, the (grand?)father of aikido;
2) Mike Oldfield, who wrote the soundtrack to my childhood;
3) Lucy Liu, because, well… because she’s Lucy Liu, no further explanation necessary ;-)

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Meh…people, I’d have famous horses.

Mr. Ed

Mr. Ed would keep the conversation going.

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Hungry & afraid, the wife’s gutted the kitchen…...again!

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Shane McConkey. He can stay the whole weekend and jump off of anything he wants.

My mom, who is still living but one day won’t be and then I’d be kicking myself. Besides, she’d help me clean up after.

My future husband. I’d like to meet him already. :-)

Anyone wanna change your mind? This OP is pretty old…

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