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What is your favorite kind of tree?

Asked by Tachys (1525points) October 22nd, 2012

I truly enjoy walking in the woods and love trees. Weeping willows, monkey puzzle, redwoods…what’s not to love? I have a tree grown from a jade tree plant clipping my grandmother brought back from Hong Kong. I grow avocado trees from avocado pits.

What’s your favorite tree? And if you have the time, why is that your favorite?

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Balsam Fir or white birch.

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Weeping Willows are great, I love those. If I ever own a house, I’d like to have some of those in the yard.
I also LOOVE pines, there’s just something about them that makes a place look all warm and peaceful. Plus they stay green in the Winter, so that rocks.

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@Symbeline I love pines in winter with a coating of snow.

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I also love pines. I love their scent and color in the winter. I collected large and misshaped pine cones from my vacations when I was growing up. I refuse to get a fake Christmas tree because I enjoy these trees so much. Well, I guess if I really loved them I wouldn’t chop one down at Christmas, but I want that smell in my living room!

You can’t go wrong with maple trees in the fall. I’m loving the colors right now.

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I don’t know about absolute favourite but I really like Liquid Amber trees, I have one on my grass roadside verge that was 1 m high when I moved into this house and now stands near enough to 10 m tall.

@Symbeline I have a couple of weeping willows on this property, they are gorgeous I agree but I would never plant them close to the house, the root system goes wild, they are specially attracted to water. Be very careful about placement, that’s my advice.

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I cannot bear the days and weeks after Christmas with all the dead trees on the side of the road, but I understand @jonsblond

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@Adagio This may perhaps explain why the only time I see them in yards are when they’re really big yards? Thanks though, that’s good to know, if I ever do own a house.

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Weeping Willows and trees draping with Spanish Moss.

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I went to a wedding once where I think they had some sort of Money Tree. I would sort of like one of those.

I have a couple of big ol’ oaks in my front and back yards, and I dearly love them both. But I think my absolute favorite is the Geometry.

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Do you know the best way to properly identify a Dogwood tree?

By the bark.

Couldn’t resist.

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Weeping willows are my favorite and I can’t wait until we get some in our yard. All I have to do is figure out where to put them.

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Why did the pine tree get into trouble?

Because it was being knotty.

you started it @Tachys :)

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I love all trees and have a huge variety around here. Ponderosa Pines, Digger Pines, Cedars, Black Oaks, Valley Oaks, Live Oaks, Heritage Oaks, Madrone, Cottonwoods, Dogwood, River Willows, tons of Walnut trees, Apples.
I love weeping willows and Catalpa trees too.

I have several massive, hundreds of years old Heritage Oaks down the hill off my deck.
The Maidu indians native to this part of California used to bury their dead under Oaks like these and I often wonder if I have a burial ground around this property somewhere. The trees date back to the pre-Goldrush era.

Trees are amazing!

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Ginkgo I remember having on in my backyard while I was growing up.

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Elms. I’m a tree lover & hugger, though. So after Elms, they all get love from me.

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Redwoods are simply amazing. I advise any tree or nature lover to watch the TED talks on giant redwoods….they are incredible. Perhaps other types of trees possess similar abilities but if they do I am very unaware.

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Huge sprawling oaks.

and I am also partial to the Bristlecone Pine

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My favorite is a maple whose leave turn bright colors in Autumn.

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The ones I like the most are those Japanese bonsai shaped ones with red leaves. I don’t know their name, but I really like them.

My favorite tree was ripped down to build a car park. The tree me and my friends made a tree house in, just outside the house I grew up.

My favorite tree that still exists is a palm tree that belongs to a friend of mine. He is a tree surgeon as his profession, and this palm tree is cut shaped and maintained to an unbelievable standard.

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Blue Spruce, the Colorado state tree. The deep blue-green powdery needles are so beautiful.

I would love to see a baobab someday.

@CWOTUS There are money trees: dead elms. Their roots grow morels, which you can sell for ridiculous prices.

@Tropical_Willie Brave answer! I like the stinktrees too – it’s cool how ancient they are as a species. Check out this article for encouraging words from fellow ginkgo-lovers.

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Man, I love a lot of different trees. Way too hard to pick a favorite! I’m a big fan of the weepers, whether they be willow, cherry, or lace leaf Japanese Maple (I have one of these, and it’s beautiful.) I love birch trees for their bark, sycamores for their beautiful yellow color in the fall, dogwoods and magnolias for their flowers (and mags for their glossy leaves, too), and the list goes on. I even have a really tall weed ‘tree’ growing outside my kitchen window, and I won’t let my husband cut it down because I like the greenery, haha. I’d need to have a huge yard to accommodate my wish list!

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I love all the gums, there are ghost gums, and red gums, blue gums and river swamp gums. They are all gorgeous!

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Jacaranda or camphor (they are beautiful and the leaves smell wonderful). For smell, hands down it has got to be citrus trees, there is no smell in the world more pleasant than citrus blossoms..

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Sugar Maple trees are my favorite. They have great colors in the fall. The leaves are fun to burn when they are dry. The wood is hard and the sap is delicious. I put it in coffee when I collect a few gallons in early spring. It’s like Shel Silverstein’s “Giving Tree”.

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I’ll tell you what, if acorns had any value I’d be a gazillionaire right now. They are zinging down from the sky at a rate of about 100 per hour, and have been every day for weeks now. I just went out to let my geese out of their barn and I can hardly walk without rolling along on the little bastards. lol
Seriously, my house is dangerous right now.

Even the poor geese are slipping and tripping.
I have a rake right by the gate and have to rake the area before I even try to open the gate or it gets stuck on the acorns and won’t open.
I can rake a path clear that is covered again in about an hour. The deer are enjoying a bountiful feast though, and the piles I rake are dinner stations for them. :-p

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@Coloma That’s how it is in my apple orchard. They are large, 60 year old tree (red delicious, macintosh, golden delicious) that are dropping apples like bombs. Two days ago there were 10 deer out there munching. It is tough to walk because the apples twist your ankles.

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@LuckyGuy Oooh, lucky you, care to pick a peck of dem apples for me? haha
I JUST was standing on the landing in my garage listening to the acorns zinging down. Bouncing off the fences, the barn roof, the house. My car stays in the garage all the time right now, they dent the roof. Terminal velocity you know. lol

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