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What is the best way to train my 4 year old boy to pee standing up?

Asked by snowstorm96 (12points) October 22nd, 2012

He was potty trained a year ago and sits down to pee. I am his dad. Any other fathers of sons have tips that worked for them?

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Let him watch you.

Can you find a safe spot outdoors where you two can pee together?

At the first snow fall, teach him how to pee artistically in the snow.

(Not very useful aside; my husband was 6’ 4” and always peed sitting down to avoid the splash issue. His equally tall sons {my steps} stood, as did my son. They were not neat.)

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Drop a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid into the toilet and show him how to make bubbles. He’ll love it and will want to do it himself.

By the way once he starts doing it standing up you will long for the old days. Prepare for a mess in the bathroom. My kids would talk with each other and get distracted. Yuk.

(Welcome to Fluther – Thanks for the memories by the way. It has been a long time since my kids were that age.)

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If by potty trained you man actually using the proper toilet now, maybe try a step. He is probably not tall enough to do it standing up. If by trained you mean he is using a little plastic potty, then it probably splashes when you do it standing up.

Can’t see why this would be a problem, at least it is not going on the floor. It is not a sign he is handicapped or something.

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My grandsons use a small step stool to reach the toilet.

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In addition to @LuckyGuy‘s suggestion, ping pong balls in the loo can make it fun. He can aim at them. Also, food colouring in the loo changes colour when they pee.

Also, if you are a guy, model what you want him to do. If you are a woman, and you have a partner or your father is okay with helping, get him to take him to the loo.

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I am just curious, is this an important issue? Will something terrible happen if he doesn’t pee standing up? I never had a male child but it seems to me of all the possible child rearing problems that could arise, this is one I would assume would cure itself in time or even if it didn’t would not be a major obstacle to a happy, fulfilling life?????

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Why do you even want that? Train him to sit down to pee.

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I trained my son to sit to pee… it is much less messy.
I was upset when he saw his dad standing and wanted to do it that way.

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Get him a step stool that he really likes and wants to step on.

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Give him something to target like bars do when they have drunk men trying to take a piss, something like a sticker inside the bowl.

He’s not making a mess at least and when he’s in school, he’s bound to pick up standing up after he sees other boys doing it. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

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Several companies make targets you can float in the toilet.

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In the winter, take him outside and show him how to write his name in the snow. Fun and educational.

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@snowberry Awesome answer LMAO.

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