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How should I go about selling a bunch of high(ish) end art prints?

Asked by SuperMouse (30772points) October 23rd, 2012

A friend has asked me to help her sell several photos and paintings. Most are nature photographs by artists such as Thomas Mangelsen and some are limited edition reprints of paintings (mostly by Bev Doolittle). All of them are framed, signed and numbered and include certificates of authenticity. They seem somewhat pricey and probably don’t have a huge group of potential buyers.I did some preliminary looking on ebay and a couple of other sites, but I am wondering if there are any reputable sites that specialize is this type of thing.

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I answered a Q. similar to this awhile back but can’t find the link to it.
Art is a luxury item and not moving well in this economy right now. I have several expensive original paintings I have tried selling this year myself with no luck.
You can try ebay, C’sList & local galleries in your area to potentially sell then on a consignment agreement.

Although galleries are usually not interested in prints.
Bottom line, it matters not what their worth is, either surmised to be or actually appraised at, they are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them in the moment.
I’d run them on C’sList and you can even run them in multiple cities, however, you then have the issue of shipping the works and insuring them against shipping damage.

Patience is the key as it could take months to find a buyer.
Good luck!

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Ebay is a great place to sell collectibles (it’s what I do on ebay). Your best bet would be to check ebay’s “completed listings” of items similar to yours. See what they’ve sold for, how much shipping was, etc.

List them no later than the first week of November as “Buy It Now’s” and you should (with luck) sell them during the extremely busy holiday rush.

If you’re leary of selling them yourself, you could try to have a local gallery sell them for you, but they usually take 30%

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What makes them “high-end”?

Message on this page “Thinking of selling your Bev Doolittle art? Click here.”

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@anartist that is a fabulous link – thank you!

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