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Why do you think discrimination exists?

Asked by fabulous (574points) June 5th, 2008
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because people like to think they are better than others. helps them sleep at night. self esteem booster.

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because of sinful pride of people who are thinking only on one plane worldly level not above and beyond.

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I couldn’t give an honest all wise answer if I tried. All I know is that it shouldn’t be. It just shouldn’t be.

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I’m curious about “discrimination”. @fabulous: the strict definition simply means to differentiate between. I know it’s shorthand for a bunch of other stuff that you’re really talking about, but what’s your definition of “discrimination”?

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Discrimination in my eyes would probably be viewed as the classic view point. To me it simply means a person or group of people being treated differently or indeed less than favourably because of their individual traits, heritage, ethnic background, sexual orientation, religious beliefs etc.

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Because some have a NES and some have a Wii… oh and some have a PSP (say this like its poetry haha hehe thats the way you see)

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Way to be a 5 year old this is a serious question and you just need to turn it into a joke

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thank you I posted this question to create an interesting disscusion/debate

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Your welcome and I never really got to state my answer : I think that their is discrimination because people think that just because there is a different color skin or different race or whatever it is they need to try to act like they are more superior and think their better than everyone else. And also the world would be completly different and there would be no crime and it would be a safer enviornment. But of course people think that their better than others. . ....... sry about thisnot

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my last sentence in my post got all mixed up so thats why it says ” sry about thisnot ” it wouldn’t let me delete that

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I totally agree with your answer it is just a shame that people have to be so shallow

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thank you I tried

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because people are stupid animals.

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Why do you think discrimination exists?

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As unpopular as I’m going to get for saying this, discrimination is natural.

Its an instinct that keeps things alive in the wild. Not always easy to socially condition instinct. Its just the same way gossip is an evolved tool to weed out the freeloaders and weak links in dependent social groups.

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It would seem that discrimination is an old habit of our species that has outlived whatever usefulness it may have had as a tool for survival in some ancient time.

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I think this is a really interesting question. To clarify, are you asking why some groups judge others to be inferior, or are you talking about making distinctions between things? Both are discrimination and I think the answers to both questions are similar but not identical.

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