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If you were able to sit down and talk to "little you", what would you say?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9823points) October 23rd, 2012

Pick an age. Teens, elementary school, or perhaps a pre-elementary school you, what would you say?

I was looking at my baby picture awhile ago and I thought to myself. “I just want to protect her from all of the bad stuff that is to come in a few years”.

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(At 5) Your natural father is never going to come “rescue” you, stop waiting for him.
(At 12) You mom’s clinically depressed and eventually you’ll stop hating her.
(At 15) Don’t let that guy pressure you into sex before you’re ready.
(At 21) Don’t marry that other guy.
(At 22) Tough shit, you don’t like college – go to vet school anyway.

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Hi, 9 year old me.

This year, you’re going to move into an apartment complex, and your neighbor’s going to have a visitor. That visitor, a very kind lady with fluffy, curly hair and a beautiful smile, is going to have a big book with pictures of clouds, and happy people on a picnic…

Do. Not. Sit. At. That. Table. Just turn around, realise you don’t like the neighbor’s daughter anyway, and never visit them again.

If you sit at that table you’re going to end up wrapped in a cult that will sap the life out of you, steal any hope for a fun childhood, and drown you in guilt and regret for the rest of your life. Just stay away from that church.

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Hmmmm, apparently I already did – those voices I had in my head while I was growing up, trying to help me. It didn’t work.

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Tell someone and keep telling until someone listens.

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You can pull on that thing all you want. It’s not going to get any bigger.

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When I was 19: After your folks divorce your Dad is going to pull college funding out from under you. He’s going to tell you that, as a woman, all you need to do is find a man to marry and take care of you. Do. Not. Listen. To. Him. Find a way to stay in school and get your degree in journalism.

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I don’t think I would tell her anything. I’ve had heaps of people giving me good advice over the years. Did I take it? Sometimes. But the best life experiences have been about going through the bad stuff and figuring out how to pull myself out.

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Age 10 Little you, turn around and tell little brother,get the fuck out of the fertilizer spreader I’m about to move. He hopped in for a ride. There’s an auger in the bottom. Fortunately I was really easy on the clutch and he only got one puncture before I got it stopped.

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You just can’t get a break @Adirondackwannabe!

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Age 12. Your brother is a douchebag; he’s not cool. Do not start smoking to be “cool” like him.

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Stop being so self-involved. At 13, 14, 15,16 and 17, you are decidedly not the center of the universe.

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I’d tell my 9 year old self that I would have a particularly interesting life. And my 11 year old self would say back, “I know.” I knew everything then, whether I really did or not.

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Me to little me; stop fucking around, asshole. ’‘smack’’

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Probably something like this lol

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You will survive this, I swear. Your life gets a lot better, I promise.

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“Don’t worry, your penis gets way bigger.”

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It’s going to end really badly. It’s going to hurt worse than anything you’ve ever felt in your life.

But it was worth it. And don’t even try. There is nothing you can do to stop it from coming to that end. Just try to enjoy the ride a little more. And in care you’re worried, she’s not the only one who will affect you that powerfully, although it will take a long time before you find her match.

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I’m really feeling sad. :( And I don’t think @ucme‘s penis ever got any bigger. ;( Sniff.

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Well, don’t worry, @Dutchess_III. Mine still grows. Regularly. Every day, in fact. To the fullest extent of the law.

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@Dutchess_III Oi, spaniel tits….quit flappin ya gums aboot pet!

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Age 14

1) Don’t waste time on your bio father, he’s not worth it.
2) Don’t undervalue love and great sex
3) Yes, you do need to get away from your mom.
4) Stay in college.
5) Stay unmarried.

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Some of these answers have me completely intrigued…esp Syz and Seek. Private message me if you feel like sharing.

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Hm. Not sure if the younger me would listen to my current self, but no harm in trying. Age would be end of high school/early college.

Advice: Take better care of your health, starting right now.

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