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Are you dead?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4367points) October 23rd, 2012

I feel like I’m following societies guidelines and not doing what I love. I feel like I need instant gratification day by day just to keep going. I know it’s pitiful and quite sad (at least that’s how I perceive what people might think of what I feel) I know in my heart if I could just pursue what I really wanted to do as a career I would feel alive again.

Question: Are you dead like me? Are you just, “taking it” day by day?

I feel dead, zombie like.

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So, you have already described the problem.

Now, how about some creative solutions?

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@_Whitetigress I know what it feels like to know you are going to die. You don’t want to feel that. But it will make you love life so so much. I have people I love, some so intensely it hurts when I’m not with them. Life is worth living, and living well.

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What? This is the most narcissistic question I’ve seen. If you are dead, try doing some volunteer work for people who have have real issues.

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Yes. At least the smell indicates that.

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I have been, yes, when I was living out of synch with my authentic self.
This is an extremely valid question. I strive to live as authentically as possible and when one feels as if they are a square peg being forced into a round hole, it is soul killing. I see no reason to minimize this question or call it narcissistic.

Being true to ones inner self and seeking opportunities to shine and not merely be a cog in the wheel is what we ALL should be striving for!
I am also one of “those” types that has a very hard time forcing myself to be involved in things that have no heart, that do not showcase my greatest strengths.
No shame in that, quite the contrary.
The world is full of miserable walking dead sheeples that aren’t even aware enough to realize the reason they feel dead is because they are not living in harmony with themselves and capitalizing on their natural gifts.

Quite frankly, IMO, only more advanced people even ASK this sort of question!
The unexamined life is NOT worth living and one should never stay in a job they hate except to use it as a stepping stone to get one step closer to what they truly desire.
@White Tigress…just take whatever little steps you can to keep plodding towards finding a more authentic fit for yourself. It is an admirable goal and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

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I am not dead like you. I am dead in a much different and far more creative way. And no, contrary to popular belief, tap dance shoes are not involved.

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@wundayatta Well…you can’t be all that dead, you still have rosy cheeks. lol

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if I could just pursue what I really wanted to do

Why don’t you? What’s stopping you? Take a chance and make the changes that are necessary for you to get what you want. It’s your life. Make it what you want it to be.

To answer your question, no, I’m not dead. I appreciate every moment I have.

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@Coloma I’m just really good at applying blush.

Or my funeral director is

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How is feeling no life in your life not a real issue? Isn’t that the whole point of living?

I do often feel like I am just going through the motions, but I try to focus on something, or someone, that I am really passionate about to shake myself out of it. If you really feel like you are in a serious rut, try something new. Sometimes that is all that it takes to get out of the funk.

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@wundayatta Apparently your funeral director moon-lights as an art director too. ;-p

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So now you know the truth. Suck it up and find something to hold onto. When there is no meaning to anything you can choose for yourself what to care about.

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@wundayatta You put blush on your buns? Doesn’t it stain your undies? pants?

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No, I’m not dead. When I feel I’m in a rut, I look for something else to challenge myself. It doesn’t have to be work related, it might be a hobby or planning a trip or doing something that’s out of the ordinary for me.

If you feel dead – do something about it. You are the only person who can change the way you feel and you only have one life to live. Don’t guarantee you have regrets because you were too scared or made too many excuses to live your life. Small steps can take you a long way no matter what constraints you have.

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I have had some fantastic jobs, but I am a malcontent, I always get bored. I just accept that about me and decided to never be a live to work person. I am definitely a work to live type. With that in mind, when the daily grind becomes boring, I just ignore it and get on with it because I gotta pay the bills! I fill my non working hours with whatever is making my heart sing at the moment. I think this feeling is a by product of too much leisure time. Our grandparents didn’t have time to think about such things, they were too busy making the world a place where we would have the time!

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Several people have told me to “Get a life”. I just tell them “I had one of those once, but I didn’t like it”.

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Should have responded with “can I take yours?” instead :)

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So long as I have a beating heart, a throbbing erection & it tickles when my neck is touched, then by gum…...i’m alive!!

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@YARNLADY But that implies that you changed your life, and now have another that you prefer. QED.

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@Sunny2 I’m being buried without undies. Or pants. That’s my face you’re trying to cover over!

@Coloma Here! Catch a moon beam! But I don’t know art direction from lunacy.

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^^^ Singing….he’s got the whole world in his…. yes, the whole wide world in his…. lol

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@Coloma Nut whack. It rhymes with “nut whack.”

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I’m definitely alive and I’m sorry, @whitetigress, that you feel as you do. For me, it only takes walking outside and seeing the colors of nature, to pull me up a peg if I’m feeling low. Music works too. If you have monotonous work days, you have to look elsewhere to find your joy to fill the rest of the day.

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I know that feeling. Each day is a boring blur that runs into the next. I thank my illness and self sabotaging ways, that caused such chaos I had to change. I am glad it happened.

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I am dead but I won’t lie down.

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Only once in a while and for a little while at a time. Generally I start breathing again and all is well. So far, so good.

My plan is to live forever. Again, so far, so good.

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My plan is to live until lunch time. Again, so far, so good.

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Well..I wish I was dead today, sick as a dog with a sinus infection. Grrrr!

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Obviously lol other wise i wouldn’t be on here :P

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Benjamin Franklin said: “Many people die at twenty five and aren’t buried until they are seventy five”.

I’m not the same person that I was on December 7, 2012. That person no longer exists due to a crippling heart condition (atrial fibrillation). I was a very physically fit and competitive 61 year old athlete in training for the Boston marathon. Then suddenly on December 8, 2012 I died and was born again as a weak and feeble very very old man. My fitness has been in free-fall as I try to deal with the disturbing realization that I’m not me anymore. I feel like I’m the zombie of someone who doesn’t exist anymore. I’m someone else. I just exists and simply don’t care much about about anything but my wife and my profession.

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